Friday , August 19 2022

YouTube is leading to increasing Earthers Flat, study finds


YouTube helps spread the plot theory that Earth is flat and new research from the Texas Tech University is surprised. But that's partly due to people who watch videos for other conspiracies.

The researchers attended the largest convention of the Earthers Flat each of the last two years, according to The Guardian. They interviewed 30 different apartment believers. Nine of them said they did not believe that the Earth was flat two years ago, but changed their minds after seeing conspiracy videos on YouTube.

The interviewees said they had been watching videos about other conspiracies that were about lullaby and 9/11 when YouTube offered a flat Earth video to watch next.

"As YouTube algorithms recommend videos that are similar to what you are already watching, many people who watched other plotting videos have found Earth's flat video. recommended feed and went down the rabbit hole, "said researcher Alex Olshansky at ScienceAlert.

YouTube said in a blog in January, it's going to tackle how to slow down spread misleading videos that do not break its community guides.

"In that regard, we will begin to reduce the recommendations of border content and content that could mislead users in harmful ways – such as videos that promote a genuine improvement of a serious illness, claiming that the ground flat, or make false claims about historical events such as 9/11, "says YouTube.

Asheley Landrum's lead researcher presented the results in the American Society for Forward Science in Washington, DC, and called on scientists to make their own YouTube videos to download the conspiracy videos, The Guardian reported. But she also also admitted some people that they will continue to believe in a flat Earth, no matter whatsoever.

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