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Xiaomi My 9: design, camera, specs, date and uk release price

Xiaomi started off the Mobile World Congress today with the global launch of its new smartphone My 9 phone, the first time the company has never launched a phone at the annual European technology conference.

In succession to Mi 8 Pro last year, the new phone has a 48-megapixel whopping camera and the Snapdragon 855 Qualcomm scip features.

As well as the new Mi 9 device, a Chinese technical company unveiled 5G version of Mi Mix 3, its sliding mobile phone released in Europe in January this year. As well as Snapdragon 855 chip, here are two of the first devices to show Qualcomm's new technology.

Speaking at the launch at MWC, senior VP Wang Xiang, Xiaomi said: "Xiaomi has spent tremendous efforts to develop a 5G phone solution and Mi MIX 3 5G represents a Xiaomi search to create innovative products for everyone.

"We are also delighted and we are honored to be working with our partners to make 5G a reality for even more consumers around the world," he added.

Here's what you need to know about the new Xiaomi new and 5G updates for the Mi Mix 3.

Xiaomi My 9: Design

A smart record in the smart phone Xiaomi, the new 9 is a Super AMOLED 6.39 inch screen, with a small small window to own the front camera, protected by Gorilla Glass 6, which means It should be almost incredible.

That teardrop goal also means that there is a much larger screen for My 9, and the split at the bottom of the device has also been reduced.

It has a cozy back-glazed design to fit comfortably in your hand. The curved design means that it offers a light, visually visual effect in the violet and seabed colors.

Xiaomi also says that the back is inspired by Antoni Gaudi's work, suitable because this phone receives its global launch in Barcelona.

Xiaomi Mi 9: Camera

Xiaomi gets bigger on the camera with Me 9, adding an additional lens to the back of the device, one 48-megapixel single lens, a 16-megapixel broadband lens and a 12 megapixel telephoto lens twice with optical zoom.

The self-on-camera camera is 20 megapixel.

This is not the first 48-megapixel camera to come out this year, Honors took that crown with See 20 back in January. However, all those megapixels do not necessarily lead to a better camera. Indeed, when comparing the View 20 device to Xiaomi's My Mix 3, which has two 12-megapixel lens, images on the Mi Mix 3 were better than View 20.

The Mi Mix 3 appeared to capture the colors and transparency better in the images, but the Vision 20 tended to overlook the editing and grainy.

It will be interesting to put this camera to the test.

Xiaomi My 9: Specifications

There is a screenshots scanner, which is a feature that we will expect from our smartphones now. I'll improve from Mi 8 Pro last year so the scanner now unlocks the phone up to 25 percent faster than before.

As Xiaomi makes Android devices, the phone includes an Android operating system 9, with a MUI Xiaomi skin.

This new Welsh skip means that the device should have a better battery life and a better performance compared to last year's phones. In addition, the device has 3,300mAH battery and features a 20W My wireless charging pad, which can fully build the device in just 90 minutes – which is quite fast in terms of wireless charging.

The Mi 9 will be available in two variations: 6GB RAM with 64GB of storage, and 6GB of RAM with 128GB of storage.

Xiaomi My 9: Release date and price

The price for the Xiaomi Mi 9 device is € 449 for the 64GB version and of € 499 for the 128GB variation – UK prices will be confirmed shortly.

This puts the device in the same price range with Mi 8 Pro last year, but with better features, keeping Xiaomi's promise to make innovation affordable.

It will be available to purchase from February 28 across Europe or from

What about Me Mix 3 5G?

The specs for the 3GG MiGig are mostly the same as last year's device, as well as adding Cymcomm Snapdragon 855 chips to put a 5G edge to the phone.

It's a little more expensive than the version that is not 5G, with retail with an initial price of € 599 – again that's just £ 100 more than # 39; r device without the next generation in mobile technology. UK prices will be confirmed shortly.

We do not know how much the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G version will cost, but it's likely to be much more than this.

The new 3GG Mi Mix will be available to buy in May in two colors: Onyx Black and Sapphire Blue. The company works with Three and Vodafone so they expect to see the device on their respective networks in a few months,

The Mix Me comes 3 in two colors: black and green (Xiaomi)

Xiaomi took the time at his MWC conference to reveal that he now has 224 million monthly operating users of his MUI device worldwide. It's a striking sport for a company that has only reached the European market last year.

It looks like Xiaomi comes for the big guns of the smartphones and is ready for the challenge.

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