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WWE WrestleMania: The moments of each edition so far – part one

The 35th edition of the pop culture phenomenon known as WrestleMania creates its way into a mainstream focus this week.

The biggest event in the WWE calendar comes live from the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey and will be shown on the WWE Network this Sunday.

The event, as it is usually, is a sale, with nearly 83,000 fans – from all over the world – going to pack the stadium to watch people like Triph H battle it out. against Batista, and Brock Lesnar conflict with Seth Rollins.

WrestleMania 35 will be the first star ever to be determined by a game for girls like former UFC stars Ronda Rousey skating in a triple collision with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair for the Women's Raw Championship.

WWE usually does a world-class job of building a Show in a grand style, with months of work going to publicize the event across the planet.

And in front of the Big Step of the Theme All, we have looked back at the steep moment of the 34 events that have taken place before the 2019 incarnation.

This is Paul Gorst by Mirror Sport with part one of the count.

Hulk Hogan and Mr. Hulk Hogan. T with Superfly & # 39; Jimmy Snuka's defeat Rowdy & # 39; Roddy Piper Mr. Paul Orndorff lovely with Cowboy Bob Orton on the first WrestleMania

Team WrestleMania: Hogan and Mr T up

Vince McMahon's idea to bring celebrities into mixing with wrestling personalities was a dangerous one for WWE, and it was an initiative for the unknown when WrestleMania happened at Madison Square Garden on 31 March, 1985.

McMahon, who paid for his financial future on the event, was drafted in Muhammad Ali to act as a special guest referee for his main event.

Mr T of A-Team's team saw fame with Hulk Hogan to beat Roddy Piper 'Rowdy'; and Paul Orndorf Mr Wonderful's; in front of only 20,000 supporters in New York.

NFL players joined a royal battle in WrestleMania II

WrestleMania 2: NFL stars are involved

As WrestleMania 2 tried to continue with the theme of displaying popular culture stars alongside wrestlers, the company decided to host a game involving a host of NFL players.

American footballers, including William Perry, Jimbo Covert and Russ Francis faced people like the Iron Sheik, Bruno Sammartino and Big John Studd in a Royal Battle.

The game itself was won by Andre The Giant after he defeated Bret Hart, but crucially, the competition helped to establish Mania as an event that could not be rejected, which even fans did not relax wanting to pay to watch.

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WrestleMania 3: Hogan is slapping Andre

The Intangible Object against the Irresistible Police when Andre The Giant met Huk Hogan at the main WrestleMania III event at Pontiac Silverdome in March 1987.

Hogan tried to slap the giant Andre when he was hurt but injured his back, and he was on the back against the 525lb Frenchman, before being usually rewind with his trademark 'Hulking Up & # 39;

In images that have become part of wrestling folklore, Hogan took the 7ft 4in giant off his feet with a giant scoop slap, before hitting Leg Drop to keep his WWE title.

WWE Wrestlemania 4
Macho Man & # 39; Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan in WrestleMania 4

WrestleMania 4: Savage wins the tournament for the title

After a remarkable evening to reach the final of the tournament to crown the new WWE champion, Randy Savage, who is tired of clean, came up against 'Million Dollar Man'; Ted DiBiase, who had a sub-chance in the semi-finals.

DiBiase had the insurance policy of Andreas Giant with him singing, and after Savage Elizabeth's wife greeted Hulk Hogan to help, that's exactly what the Hulkster did.

Hogan, who had formed an unlikely friendship with Savage, came to help Macho Man and rock DiBiase with a steel chair to help his new friend claim the essential plot in Atlantic City.

WWE Wrestlemania 5
Randy Savage and the Battle of Hulk Hogan in WrestleMania 5

WrestleMania 5: Hogan takes the title of Savage

Hwlk Hogan won his second WWE title when Randy Savage killed at WrestleMania's top 5 event at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City in 1989.

Both had joined as the Mega Powers of the front but fell after Savage's paranoid thought that Hogan had a romantic interest in his wife, Elizabeth.

Hogan claimed his second title after 'Hulking Up'; to repeat Savage attacks, before hitting it with his famous finisher Leg Drop.

Hulk Hogan is in conflict with Ultimate Warrior
Hulk Hogan is in conflict with Ultimate Warrior

WrestleMania 6: Champion v Champion

WWE's two biggest stars collided with the main WrestleMania VI event as Hulk Hogan was challenged for his world title by Intercontinental king, Ultimate Warrior in the Tor Dome Sky Dome.

The two promoters put their respective titles on the line in what was probably the biggest game in the history of the company at the time.

The event was driven by the huge clamor to see the pair eventually collide, and Warrior was eventually after 22 minutes.

After the loss, Hogan was great, leading the passion for Warrior, before letting his competitor absorb the fact that 68,000 supporters were present.

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WrestleMania 7: Warrior is a Savage retirement

One of the best workers of his generation, the Macho Man & # 39; Randy Savage was a great show in Mania VII against the Ultimate Warrior limited to drag the pair to a classic 20 minute scrap in Los Angeles.

Warrior, alongside Hulk Hogan, was the biggest star in the company, and after he survived as many as five of Savage's elbow flying drops, he came back to pink 'Macho Man'; and to send it to retirement (temporarily) with the victory.

After the loss, Savage was attacked by manager Sensational Sherri, who led to his real wife, Elizabeth, jumping from the crowd to rush to the support of her husband, as the pair were reunited on the screen in emotional scenes.

Ultimate Warrior came to help Hulk Hogan in WrestleMania 8

WrestleMania 8: The Ultimate Warrior returns

Hulk Hogan stared down the barrel of double attack by Sid Vicious and Papa Shango at the end of his WrestleMania 8 game in 1992, when he was rescued by Ultimate Warrior in Indianapolis.

The Hoosier Dome came to a halt as Warrior had struck the ring house and cleaned to rescue Hogan from another pair attack. The two huge stars then raised the combination of the 62,000 present as the show came to a thrilling conclusion.

Hulk Hogan again took WWE title in WrestleMania 9

WrestleMania 9: Hogan returns stuns Yokozuna

WrestleMania 9 seemed to close with the behemoth of the name Yokozuna as WWE Champion, after the 600lbio monster breathed Bret Hart.

However, Hulk Hogan, who was returning, had other plans, and WWE's una Zuna legend took up a game offer, when his manager Mr Fuji called for an improvised scrap.

The bout title lasted just 22 seconds as Hogan landed a leg on the huge Zuna giant to pick up the title and put an end to Pasars Palace's event as the company's undisputed star.

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