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Windows Explorer Explorer 10 may have a Fluent Design revamp in 2020


Windows 10 could see big changes to its interface next year, with Microsoft bringing Design magic to File Explorer in the big update because of land in the first half of 2020 – but this is all rumors are # 39 It seems a bit shaky to say the least.

This comes from a report by HTNovo, the site of Italian technology, but there are a number of reasons why we need great extra salt support with this particular piece of guessing, as we discuss soon.

For the untitled, File Explorer refers simply to the windows you browse files and folders on your desktop, and these are likely to benefit from Design t Fluent, and not just a new look, but additional functionality too.

HTNovo believes that the redesigned UI will appear in the update for the first half of 2020, as mentioned, but of course that will appear in previews of Windows 10 sometime this year.

It is said that File Explorer gets this fresh coat of fluent paint, but according to this report, it will have new support for various apps and services linked to the user's Microsoft account, for quick access and convenient – though exactly what any of these will not get an explanation.

HTNovo is also talking about the Sets feature on the horizon again, and is expected to return to previews of Windows 10 over the next quarters.

There are problems with this report, however, the least of these is that the pictures provided to show how this File File redesign will look like concept images are forged by Michael West specific, which is credited by the technology site as in interior designer; in Microsoft.

In fact, it's a Windows Design MVP (most valuable professional experts – external experts who make great contributions to a particular area or community) who will join Microsoft this year as a design intern (working on SwiftKey).

NOTE: This is just an image of a concept from what Microsoft File with a Fluent Design Refurbishment could look at from Microsoft MVP (Image Credit: Michael West)

NOTE: This is just an image of a concept from what Microsoft File with a Fluent Design Refurbishment could look at from Microsoft MVP (Image Credit: Michael West)

(Image: © Michael West)

File this under misleading

So the images (which one of them has reproduced above) are not from someone in Microsoft, and actually don't apply to what Windows 10 File Explorer might look like in the end . They've probably included them to show how things could turn out, but this hasn't made it clear from the article, which seems misleading to say the t least.

Moreover, the source of the core speculation about File Explorer redesign (and the fresh function mentioned) is not to be noted.

So, all, that leaves this special rumor on quite shaky ground, as we said at the beginning.

Still, that doesn't mean the Italian technology site hasn't heard of whispering somewhere that File Explorer is supposed to be revamped.

Although, in all honesty, the details presented in the article are all speculation anyway – surely our sets have to come up again soon, and t Fluent Design spreads gradually across all Windows 10, and eventually comes to File Explorer.

Although it is obvious that this will be the biggest piece of the UI puzzle for Microsoft to retreat, so there may well be question marks about whether that will happen sooner, rather than in t perhaps later.

The blow is that although it is not possible to work on a Fluent Design revamp for File Explorer, it could start this year in the forecast, given the way this report is compiled, we are not confident of it. accuracy.

Still, we can only hope, because it would obviously be exciting for Microsoft to be planning some big changes for Windows core elements – the windows themselves… t

You may recall that Microsoft brought the new dark theme to last year's File Explorer, designed for when you work in unlit environments, so as not to put strain on your eyes.

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