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"Water on the Moon" – NASA Scientists Find a Natural Source for a Foundation in the Future


Posted on February 21, 2019

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"We're thinking of water like this magical, special, compelling," said William M. Farrell, a plasma physicist at NASA's Goddard Space Fun Center, which helped develop the simulation. "But here's a great thing: every rock has the potential to make water, especially after it's irradiated by the solar wind."

When a stream of accused particles of the solar wind name cares on the surface of the Moon at 450 kilometers per second (or nearly 1 million miles per hour), they enrich the Moon's surface into ingredients that can make water, NASA scientists have found.

Using a computer program, scientists who developed the scientist emulated when the solar wind pressed the Moon's surface. As the Sun strengthens the protones of the Moon, they have been found, those particles interact with electrons in the face of the lol, making hydrogen atoms (H). Then, these atoms migrate through the surface and hide the vast oxygen (O) atoms that are binding in the silica (SiO2) and other molecules that are # 39; contains oxygen that forms the soil of the picture, or regolith. With each other, hydrogen and oxygen make the hydroxyl molecule (OH), a component of water, or H2O.

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Understanding the amount of water – or its chemical components – available on the Moon is crucial to NASA's goal of sending people to establish a permanent presence there, says Orenthal James Tucker, a physicist at Goddard who led the simulation research.

"We're trying to learn about the dynamics of valuable resource transportation such as hydrogen around the picture surface and its exosphere, or a very thin atmosphere, so that we can know where to go to harvest those resources," said Tucker , who recently described the simulation results in the JGR Planets magazine.

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