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The UK patient operators group aims for an Orkambi patent

Only Treatment

Just Treatment campaign website, including a video message from CF sufferer, Luis 8 years old.

Vertex increases pressure on access to the Orkambi systic (CF) syndicated drug (CF) drug in the UK, with MP today calling for the government to avoid its patent and provide cheap access to the treatment.

Vertex has been locked in a row with the NHS of England over Orkambi for three years, and CF campaigners say that patients who would have benefited from the treatment in that period would have died now.

Orkambi has a list of £ 100,000, but secret discussions do not agree to lower cost, despite pleas from the young victims of CF and their families.

What was said the NHS of England was its last resort last summer, offering Vertex guaranteed revenue of £ 500m over 5 years and £ 1 billion over 10 years for all of CF's drugs, including Symkevi's next treatment recently approved – an agreement in the English NHS said he was the largest company with a pharma company.

But Vertex rejected that motion, and has also removed Symkevi from the appraisal process of the NICE cost-effectiveness guardian.

Bill Wiggin

Bill Wiggin AS

A new front has opened in the fight, with Bill Wiggin, Conservative MP North North Hereford, asks the government to apply for Crown Use & # 39; for Orkambi in a deferred debate at the House of Commons today.

Crown use is a well-known UK-based provision that allows the government to avoid patents and transfer a mandatory license on medication if it is considered that there is a need for serious public health.

"Vertex rejected the biggest financial offer the NHS has ever had to make in its entirety for this medicine," said Wiggin at The Guardian newspaper, which has thrown his weight behind & # 39; the use of a crown.

Wiggin added: "Licensing of the Crown use can stop pharmaceutical companies from taking advantage of extremely vulnerable people."

The push group for mandatory licensing has been driven by a new patient's active group of Just Treatment.

They say they represent "patients standing for our NHS against pharmaceutical crew" and employ the direct operating tactics that are seen more commonly by US patient operators. The group and others like #OrkambiNow have supported support through social media, including a message from David Mitchell and Patients for Affordable Drugs, which uses the same lobbying tactics used by the pharma to influencing policy makers in Washington.

The Just Impact Treatment has an additional impact including Luis suffering from an eight year old CF, who appears in the media, and has written to the Prime Minister Theresa May and Vertex to request an agreement.

Vertex announced a statement on Friday, saying it was "determined to find a solution" which allows the NHS to provide patients with access to medicines and which also allows it to re- invest in R & D.

However, he made his objection clear to the use of the Crown Use.

"To apply for Crown Use and provide access to third parties to Vertex intellectual property it would undermine our ability to achieve these goals seriously and would weaken significant incentives for future innovation."

The United Kingdom government has employed the Crown Use on one occasion, and in 1961, the health minister, Enoch Powell, decided to get the prices of anti-drops of tetracycline of Italy against the wishes of a holder patent Pfizer.

However, Bill Wiggin does not use a delaying argument in Parliament imposing any obligation on the UK government, however, and is not expected to use the Crown Use. However, the campaign will put more pressure on Vertex to agree to UK pricing requirements.

Vertex, NICE and NHS England will be cross-examined all about the price negotiations in an upcoming inquiry by the Health Committee of Commons. He is now gathering evidence in front of hearings at Westminster, which will begin on March 7.

John England's specialist commissioning head failed to save other words in the public war with Vertex last week. In writing to the committee chairman, Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, Vertex called "extremely successful" in pricing and behavior.

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