Friday , June 24 2022

The Nokia 106 feature feature phone has a 1.8 inch screen that is perfect for Snake


HMD Global has announced Nokia 106, an affordable feature phone intended for the global market. The 106 have an 1.8-inch, 160×120 show that is a perfect match for the built-in Neidr game. (You will have to pay for others, although there are demos.) The phone can store up to 2000 connections, and keep up to 500 SMS messages. Yes, here are the celebrities advertised for this device.

HMD says the battery for "sunlight to the sunrise with one pay," which is something we would expect to be honest from a feature phone. Daily battery life – 15.7 hours, to be specific – to be used exclusively; the battery "lasts for weeks" on standby. That is 21.9 days, according to the specification sheet. If you want to use this as a FM radio only, it will keep a song out of the melodies, advertisements and radio talking for up to 36 hours.

The Nokia 106 runs Nokia's Series 30+ software, powered by MTK 6261D CPU, has 4 megabytes of storage, and 4 megabytes of RAM. It pushes just over 70 grams with the 800mAh battery inside and brings a USB USB charger. And there's a jack phone on this sugar too. Apart from, HMD also releases two new colors – dark blue and light gray – from the Nokia 230, another feature feature phones. Both devices are available starting today, although price varies per region.

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