Thursday , May 26 2022

The Cyber ​​Microsoft laptop on Monday's day goes fast-here is the best found


Just like selling Microsoft holidays last Christmas, the company's Cyber ​​Monday agreements go fast, though you can still look for some decent ones.

The company's Surface and Xbox deals with Cyber ​​Monday including discounts on the Proface Surface 6 and Surface Book 2. Historically, Microsoft has also included a few eye holiday offers, reducing good laptops to hundreds of dollars . What's left in the Microsoft list of computer computers this year is generally less expensive and desktop notes with extensive discounts of percentages that amount to about 100 dollars.

leopard image msi gp73 Microsoft

There are two MSI games notebooks for sale today, including the GP73 Leopard, shown here.

We discovered some notable exceptions to that rule – although they came with some tradeoffs. The MSI GP73 Leopard-001 notebook ($ 1099, $ 250 off) as well as the MSI GE63 Raider ($ 1,349, $ 250 off) includes an Intel Core processor to 7-8750H six rock . The cheaper GP73 includes a 1080p more than 17 inches screen, but it uses a separate GPU at an access level to GTX 1050. The most expensive GE63 Raider couple is 8750H with GPU GTX 1060 more powerful, which could balance the GPU and the CPU slightly more.

In addition, Microsoft beat $ 400 off the Samsung Notebook 9 Pen price, bringing it to $ 999. Its high price is damp on our Samsung Notebook 9 Pen review; this discount feels much more in line with its actual value.

Samsung 9 primary head notebook Mark Hachman / IDG

We did not like Samsung Notebook 9 Pen aesthetics as much as some other Samsung products, but the steep drop makes it more attractive.

Microsoft is also good at offering older versions of quality notebooks on decent discounts, which makes shopping bargain an interesting offer. Remember that Intel 8th Core Core chips cover a number of "sub-generations" so a notebook with a 7th core core chip can be a year or two years old. For example, Microsoft offers a 15 5000 series Dell Inspiron notebook with a 7th CPU gene for $ 599.99, $ 200 away. This is not the 7000-series notebook that we like, except for the screen, but it's still a Cyber ​​Monday deal.

Finally, feel a bit: some of these "deals" do not deal at all. Case at the point: Dell sells Dell XPS 13 9370 with Core i7 with 8GB of memory and 256GB storage of SSD for $ 1,399. There's a great laptop, but there's nothing here. We checked the configurations of our original review, and we found that Dell was offering it for the same price. Ditto for the XPS Dell 15 9570 with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage; Microsoft claims its $ 1,699 price at $ 300 away, but Amazon offers the same machine for $ 300 less, or $ 1,399.

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