Sunday , November 29 2020

The African Union is trying to kill the EU scheme to process migrants in Africa World news

The African Union is trying to kill the EU's latest greenprint for migration, claiming that it would break international law by establishing "de facto retention centers" on African soil, trampling rights & # 39; the ones that are running.

The "common African situation paper" lost to the Guardian reveals the decision of the 55-member state body, currently under the leadership of Egypt, to solve any of the coastal states from working with Brussels on the plan.

The EU has set plans for "regional disembarking platforms" offered last summer to allow migrants to be found in European waters to process asylum applications on African soil.

Brussels has a similar arrangement with Libya, where there are 800,000 migrants, with 20,000 being held in government retention centers.

Libyan authorities have been accused of abusing multiple and serious human rights. The UN report recently stated that migrants in the country were facing "unpleasant horrors".

Some northern states, including Morocco, have already rejected the EU's proposal for the new "platforms", but there are concerns in the African Union that other member governments could be persuaded by the proposal of development funds.

Matteo Salvini, a minister inside the right right of Italy, has called for the centers to be located around the Sahel region, Niger, Chad, Mali and Sudan. An opening cup between the EU and the US Arab League will be held in Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt on Sunday and Monday, and migration is expected to be discussed.

"When the EU wants something, it usually gets it," said HE senior officer. "African capitals are worried that this scheme will see establishing something like modern slave markets, with the best African being allowed to Europe and the rest of the rest – and # 39 ; not far from the truth. "

He added: "The feelings are very raw, for this. And I feel that this summit is about the EU trying to work on some countries to work together. Bilaterally, some countries will always look at the money. "

EU officials, in turn, have been vigilant for the purposes of the summit, insisting that it is only an attempt to engage jointly important issues.

The draft joint AU position states that Brussels has not yet fully aligned the concept of "regional disembarkation platforms".

But he adds: "The establishment of disembarking platforms on the African continent for processing African refugees seeking international protection in Europe would be contrary to International Law, EU Law and the AU legal instruments. in terms of refugees and people who have displaced them.

"The set of disembarking platforms would amount to de facto retention centers where the basic rights of African migrants will be broken and the sole member principle of member states & The UA undermines a great deal.

"The collection of biometric data from US & EU citizens by international organizations is cutting the sovereignty of African countries over their citizens."

The AU also criticizes Brussels for avoiding its structures and warns about wider effects.

"The AU is considering the EU decision to support the concept of regional disembarking platforms in Africa and the ongoing bilateral consultation with member states & AUs, not including the UA and relevant organizations, such as undermining the significant progress achieved in the frameworks and partnership dialogues between our two unions, "said the paper.

Legal legal advice commissioned by the European Parliament also raises concerns about the lawfulness of establishing processing centers on African soil for those found in European waters.

The paper, seen by the Guardian, warns that "emigrants could not be sent, after they were rescued (or fortiori after being brought back into the territory of the European Union) to platforms outside of & European Union without allowing access to EU shelter procedures and without releasing the possibility of waiting for full examination of their application ".

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