Thursday , May 19 2022

Take it suited to travel, says doctor


DISTRIBUTIONAL musician, Oliver "Tuku" Mtukudzi, who said last week suffered a heart attack that saw he was losing the London Jazz Festival, is now recovering at his home in Norton.

Speaking to Chronicle Showbiz yesterday, his manager Walter Wanyanya argued that Tuku had suffered a heart attack and said he was his doctor who had asked him not to travel.
"Tuku did not always have a heart attack. Remember that he was diabetic so when he was about to travel, he visited a doctor who said he would not like to travel as he needed to watch , "explained Wanyanya.

"We realized that going against the doctor's request would be difficult, so canceled the trips of London and Uganda."

As a result, Tuku, who had been traveling a lot of late, had been in hospital for some time but had been released since then and was fit to travel.

"Tuku is now at home and it's really good. It's been cleared to travel and it's really in Durban next week," said Wanyanya. Tuku had arranged to take part in a London festival called "The Boy & Doin & It". The meat included Sibongile Khumalo's favorite traveling band, Selema Masekela and Masekela.

Wanyanya said they were now working on Tuku's tournament for the festival season that he will see performing locally and outside the country.

"The Christmas season is time for Tuku to be proud with supporters, so we are in the process of completing its events. Once it is completed, we will share the dates and events placements with supporters. "

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