Wednesday , September 28 2022

Stephen Hawking Wheelchair for Sale at auction


Wheel chairman Stephen Hawking was sold for more than $ 300,000 in an auction Thursday. The sale of the name "On the Shoulders of Giants" referring to the famous phrase of Isaac Newton, showed a number of personal items from famous scientists, including Newton, Hawking, Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein. The sale rose over $ 2 million. The money raised through the sale of Hawking iconic wheelchair will go to Stephen Hawking Foundation and the Association of Motor Neurons Disease. Hawking, who died in March at 76, was living most in life with a motor neurode. Hawking bombing jacket was also sold at the auction for over $ 52,000, and a copy of the best value Brief History of Time, marked with thumbnail paper, for almost $ 90,000. The script is for one of many appearances on the TV show And Simpsons has been sold for over $ 8,000. The largest ticket item appeared in one of five known copies of the Hawking PhD thesis. Original price for about $ 200,000, the final dissertation was secured by a buyer for over $ 700,000.

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