Sunday , July 3 2022

Stanford scientists created such a high sound that it disappeared immediately


Researchers at SLAC's National Accelerator Laboratory at Stanford University have created an underwater sound so high that it instantly evaporates water and appears to set the threshold for how sound noise can be in water.

The scientists used it Powerful X-ray Laser SLAC to blow small jets of water with short pulses of high frequency energy. When the x-rays hit the microscopic flow of water, they evaporated the water molecules from their immediate surroundings like spitting on a hot skillet. They also sent a shock wave traveling through the stream which can be seen moving into the left and right of the blast spot below: t

After blasting small jets of water with an X-ray laser, researchers were watching trains that were moving suddenly and moving from the left of regions with their microbiwble.

Claudiu Stan / Rutgers University Newark

What is interesting about this shock wave is that it is strong enough that it is easy to see how the water flow is clearly disturbed, but not enough that the molecules are broken t down completely as they are when connecting to the powerful X-rays. The researchers suggest that the pressure created by the shock waves is just below this cutting point. That means it would also appear as the upper limit in how high sound can get under water before it separates it separately, basically boiling it on contact.

The research was published in a recent edition of the journal Physical Review Fluids.

In other words, yes, metal heads, rock is so hard that you boil water immediately. In case you think 270 weights are the sound weight equivalent of this experiment. That is higher than the launch of a rocket and equal to the intensity of reference of all electrical power in a whole city to one place.

If you ever experienced a sound of such kind, ear plugs would not help because the density would not only tear your hedges, but it's also similar to your heart t and your lungs too.

So don't try this one at home children and remember: life full of smooth jazz is a long life.

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