Friday , December 4 2020

Senegal is Holding Election Results

A voting account has started in Senegal after a peaceful day of voting in the Sunday presidential election.

The votes ended at 6 p.m. Local time is expected and preliminary results as early as Monday or Tuesday, according to CENA.

After three weeks of campaigning, long lines of voters formed early on Sundays to either support application to Macky's rehabilitation holder or to replace him with four challenges – Idrissa Seck, Ousmane Sonko, Madické Niang or Issa Sall.

The election process was smooth and there were no major impairments in the electoral process, Doudou Ndir, president of Senegal's electoral commission (CENA) said to a press conference.

"Our observations show everything is going on in good, peaceful, quiet," said Ndir.

President Sall, 56, presided his voting in his hometown of Fatick on an early Sunday. "I hope the people of Senegal will be the only winner," he said after voting.

"Our country, what we are all in common, and we want a candidate to work for, for our Senegal," said Mbene, a 18-year-old student who voted for the first time on Sunday, at VOA Afrique after collecting a vote for Sall.

Although some will renew their support for Sall, some young voters promise their support to the youngest of candidates, Ousmane Sanko, 44, which promises significant changes in current system.

"The system has been in place for 60 years with the same men, the same heads, and we need to break from this," said Pape Amadou Diop, a student in Dakar, after voting over Sonko, who calls on the "perfect representation of hope in Senegal."

It is expected that around 15,000 polling stations will be open Sunday. Main Ndir Cinema, at noon, said that around 30 per cent of eligible voters had cast their ballot.

An applicant must earn more than 50 per cent of a Sunday vote to be declared president of Senegal. If no-one win a full majority, then both candidates will eventually vote in March.

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