Monday , August 15 2022

Scientists to dig a Jurassic site in Wyoming this summer


CHEYENNE, Wyo – Scientists from the US and Europe are hoping to learn more about a new promising dinosaur site in north Wyoming this summer.

The Indianapolis Children's Museum is leading a project that will bring more than 100 scientists to dig on grassland in the Bighorn Basin. Co-ordinators do not say exactly where the website is to encourage people not to use loads and curiosity.

But Professor Phil Manning from the University of Manchester in Great Britain says the site has already produced fossils from some of the larger dinosaurs of 150 million years ago, in the Jurassic Period. These include long plant eaters that may be diplodocus-a brachiosaurus dinosaurs.

There are also tracks kept of predator and prey dinosaurs.

The site used to be a tropical floodplain. Now, it's called a “Jurassic Mile.” T

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