Thursday , January 20 2022

Scientists behind Oxford Covid vaccine to start final trials of Malaria, World News soon


The Oxford team behind a successful COVID-19 vaccine candidate will soon begin the final phase of human trials in malaria injection.

Scientists at Oxford University’s Jenner Institute have been working on both vaccines.

Jenner Foundation director Adrian Hill said the malaria vaccine will be tested on 4,800 children in Africa next year after early trials yielded promising results.

The vaccine could significantly cut half a million deaths from the disease each year.

UNICEF describes the disease as “the biggest killer of children” – with one child dying every 30 seconds – about 3,000 every day. As many as 90 per cent of cases are reported in sub-Saharan Africa – with children under five accounting for 65 per cent of all deaths.

The malaria injection could be used by 2024, should the final human trials be successful.

The Oxford / AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine is currently awaiting regulatory approval for use in the UK.

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