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Rocketman (2019) Movie Trailer Teases Elton John Biopic


The full length trailer for Rocketman arrived. KingsmanTaron Egerton stars in the movie as Elton John young, with Dexter Fletcher calling the pictures as a director. Fletcher took over familiar Romantic Rhapsody part-way by production, after the original soloist, Bryan Singer.

Rocketman, very similar to the Queen's biopic, has been developed for several years before landing the official green light of last spring. Sir Elton John of the name Justin Timberlake became his best choice to play in the movie, but the casting had not come into force. James McAvoy was also surprised about the role before Tom Hardy was cast in 2013, with Michael Gracey (The Big Show) to refer. Obviously, the process of repeating the project had fallen separately and things did not start to move on until Egerton signed in 2017. It has been a smooth sailing since then, however, marketing for Rocketman now starts in next stage.

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Paramount has released the official trailer for Rocketman online, before its first start in theaters over the coming weeks. You can watch the new promo in the space below.

Rocketman written by Lee Hall (Billy Elliot) and span the life of John from his most famous days like that "fierce shy piano" Reginald Dwight's career as Elton John, an international war. The movie is not conventional biopic either, as shown by the musical fantasy sequences broadcast in the trailer version revealed to date. At the same time, it covers the wider stroke of John's experiences, including his professional professions, his personal battles, and the most important relatives in his life. Key support players here include Jamie Bell (Viewer) as a lifelong lecturer John Bernie Taupin, Bryce Dallas Howard (Jurassic World: The Kingdom of Valve) as his mother Sheila Farbrother, and Richard Madden (Bodyguard) as his first manager, John Reid.

The movie is also unique and the feeling that Egerton sings himself, rather than being called back by Elton John's real voice. After-to-date clips have offered sneak peek of the actor leaving his mark on iconic tunes such as "Dinyer Dancer" and, of course, "Rocketman" in the movie, like full trailer. This is not the first time for Egerton to show her musical talents on the big screen, either, previously sang in an animated movie Illumination Canu. Tackling Elton John's songs is definitely a small task, but it seems that the actor has succeeded in catching the music of John's music, and also giving a new spell on the sound. Here's hope Rocketman just as successful in trying to do justice from the unpredictable wildlife of the singer-songwriter.

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  • Rocketman (2019) Release date: May 31, 2019

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