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Ride Partners with a Gellic Scale Company, Offers Promising Outcomes for the Management of Heart Failure


ATLANTA, The March 11, 2019 / PRNewswire / – Rimidi has co-ordinated with BodyTrace, a cellular technology company, to provide cardiac and heart rate rates for heart failure patients that are monitored their clinicians using the Rimidi software platform. Cell scales provide a detrimental experience for patients; All they need to do is step on the scale and their weight is automatically transferred to the Rimidi platform, where their care team can monitor changes in weight that could show the preservation of fluid and failure the heart gets worse

Rimidi is a cloud-based software solution that enables personal control of chronic cardiometabolic conditions across populations, including heart failure, type 2 diabetes, and fatty liver disease. Rimidi integrates health data produced by patients from related devices (such as scales) with patient data in an electronic medical system health record, giving patients a fuller look at the health of each patient. The Rimidi platform enables remote patient monitoring and remote communication to patient providers. The platform provides advanced analyzes and suggests clinical action when appropriate.

The ability to monitor weight changes on heart failure patients inside the EHR workflow in conjunction with analyzes about other aspects of their heart failure control is key to a stimulating failure program, according to Lucienne M. Ide, M.D., Ph.D., founder and chief health pioneer at Rimidi.

"One of the signs of heart failure that worsens is gaining weight, which means keeping a fluid," said Dr Ide. "Clinicians can work with Rimidi to place warnings if a patient shows a significant amount of weight over 24 hours or a week. Clinicians can follow the patients at a distance to see if they are suffering from any other heart symptoms that get worse breath failure, shortage, cough, inflammation of ankle ankleo & fore complications lead to an emergency room visit or admission to hospital. "

According to Dr Ide, weight recording at the same time each morning can help clinicians identify early signs of exacerbating heart failure. BodyTrace uses the cell network (GSM) to transmit the recorded pressures directly to the Rimidi system.

"With BodyTrace scales, we really wanted to provide an answer outside the box," he said Amit Ghia, VP, Products and Partnerships for BodyTrace. "There are no complex ideas, just take the scale out of the box, take a step on it as often as your clinician is referring to, and let's deal with getting that information to your doctor."

The heart failure case management team at Desert Oasis Healthcare (DOHC), part of the Heritage Providers Network, has implemented the Ridi heart failure program using BodyTrace scales to monitor patients of their heart failure in a long way. This system prevents expensive complications and reduces readings. Currently, DOHC monitors over 170 patients using BodyTrace scales and the Rimidi platform.

"The team managing our heart failure patients using BodyTrace scale finds it easier to monitor a fluid balance," he said. Judi Urban, RN, Disease Control Supervisor at DOHC. "BodyTrace scales used with Ridi software allow us to identify members with a fluid overload, which allows rapid interruptions to avoid worsening the symptoms, and eventually prevent access to the hospital."

Rimidi is partners with a number of associated devices to bring a clinical eye of patient patient health and enable cardiometabolic control in person and far. BodyTrace continues to develop medical devices that enable them to get the most hearted.


Rimidi is a cloud-based software solution that enables personal control of chronic cardiometabolic conditions across populations, with specific platforms for diabetes, heart failure and fatty liver disease. Having been created by doctors, Rimidi links health data produced by patients with EHR systems to drive patient insights and clinical actions. The net impact is a better health system with an optimized clinical workflow that allows better decisions, better relationships, better outcomes, and ultimately a better healthcare system. For more information, go to


BodyTrace leads the fee to convert digital health. The company develops weight-scales that allow a person to use a scale without having to worry about preparing or installing. The scale of the quality materials available is made and has a proven track record for accuracy and reliability. For more information, visit

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