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Play back the back of Wisconsin Badger during a past undermined fuel rally at N.C. State Wolfpack Wisconsin Badger Men's Basketball

The tone was set early last season when the men of the University of Wisconsin's basketball team lost a series of close-up games because the opponents of ancient guardians made a big play down the part of close games.

Now, here the Badger shows great experience in the back during the squeeze time.

Certainly, that was definitely Tuesday at the Kohl Center, where a No. 22 PC raised a 12-point deficit in the second half to beat the North Carolina State 79-75 at the ACC / Big Ten Challenge.

One of the heroes was the sophomore point guard D & # 39; Mitrik Trice, which finished with 18 points, six support, three stolen in 34 minutes. His biggest contribution was a late jumper in the shot clock in the last minute when the Badger adhered to one point.

And then, Brad Davison, Sophomore, received a prize, which made two free throws to seal the win and finish with 12 points. He also removed four payments, including one on the possession that was received after Trice's big shot.

"We're a more experienced team than we were last year," Trice said after the Badger improved to 6-1 entering Big Ten's opening in No. 14 Iowa Friday. "You can see the compound alone on these men: never too high, never too low, just that kind of even-mouth thinking."

The Wisconsin Badgers of North Carolina State Wolfpack, 79-75, were organized by the Wisconsin Badgers men at the ACC / Big Ten Challenge on Tuesday …

He takes the village back into a double rally against a good team, and Badgers had enough players doing their part against the Wolfpack (6-1).

The upper center Ethan Happ ordered half the first half to finish with 19 points, 11 conflicts and four blocks.

Sophomore Aleem Ford, in his fourth game back since returning from a knee injury to the left, hit four points and finished with 12 points in 21 minutes.

Ford combined, Kobe King's red crew wing, soffomore guard Trevor Anderson and younger guardian, Brevin Pritzl for 26 points off the PC bench. The four of them hit pictures by returning PC.

"Only a winning team," says Happ. "I did not (depend) on one or two men. I do not know and that's how I would have been in a game like this last year. I think we're much more balanced this year than we were Last year, and I think that's what has helped us from this season. "

The Badger hit 62.1 percent of the field in the second half and 11 of the 21 in general ranged from a 3 point range. They needed all the crime they could compete to pass North Carolina State, which had 21 points from the younger guardian, Markell Johnson and 18 junior guardian, C.J. Bryce.

The smaller Wolfpack swept the 32-30 Badger in the paint and finished with 36-30 edges on the boards. They were a practical match with a shot PC for shooting in the second half, holding the Badger as far as possible before Trice and Co. break the end.

"She felt it was a conference game in February," said Kevin Keatts, North Carolina State coach. "It was a great game. Unfortunately, we came up at the top of the stick."

PC has pulled within a single or two multiple times in the second half alone to have Johnson, Bryce or higher Torin Dorn (14 points) making a difficult shot to help Wolfpack restore their cushion.

Trice was tied up for free with 1 minute, 20 seconds remaining and one happened to give PC a good lead on the next possession.

After losing Johnson, PC took a little time off the clock and tried to set up a high ball screen including Dig and Trice at the top of the key. That was where Trice was left in any man with the blow clock coming down.

But Trice is still being compiled, he came to one of the hot places just inside the arc and burst a pulling jumper to give the Badger a 76-73 leader with 23.6 second left.

"It was about five seconds on when I looked up, and I know there is enough time to get one of the moves that I would like to make, which is the one-dribbling pull," said Trice. "And just stuck."

Davison Johnson arrived at the left wing and dropped a charge with a further 17.9 seconds, the third one taken by Davison in the second half alone.

"I still continue to play the defense that I usually play," said Davison. "Calls are one thing you can not control, but effort and being in the right place are something you can manage."

After Trice was thrown free, Johnson scored to drive a PC lead to 77-75 with 11.6 seconds left.

After a timetable, Davison took the passports that was crushed. He had quietly made free leaflets to seal what Greg Gard's PC coach won a "scary" victory.

"I believe that this group has welcomed that," said Gard. "They understand as they grow through last year what they took when you have to dig a little deeper, and they have embodied that.

"You'll be in many situations where things will not go as you plan and do not go as you want … But getting it on to continue to fight back and keep rallying is a good feature for & # 39; w get. "

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