Monday , March 1 2021

Matt Ritchie opens on Failing losing to Newcastle United

Matt Ritchie claims to be scary by his "terrible" losing Burnley for the rest of his life.

Ritchie has become a sensation of social media after a complete shot of an open goal of two yards out in the Newcastle 2-1 Award in Turf Moor.

The screwdriver, who has gone on 17 games without scoring, has labeled it "horrible" and "terrible", and knows he will never live.

"I think I'm celebrating before I shoot," said Ritchie. "I can not remember the rest of my life, but I'll never be sure to happen again.

"I missed, he did a good run to the post back and then when the ball came over … incredible.

The watching world did not know how Ritchie failed to score this – and he was not!

"I can not work out how I'm losing. Fortunately we did not cost us so on the outside I can smile for it. Inside, it hurts.

"On the inside, I'm really lovely to lose an easy chance like that. I love scoring goals and I have no one yet again this season. Let's be honest, I'm It's not going to get too many opportunities like that again.

"It will be a prey on my mind to have such an opportunity and not take it. It was awful, terrible! But that's a football."

Ritchie's teammates have settled down sincerely and he knows he will have to repeat the TV.

"Yes, surely, there will be enough micro – it's already started," he said. "I'm sure they'll remind me. I'll definitely be on television throughout the day, every worst collection, the lot. I will not be able to forget about it.

"I will move on, though. I have a strong character. I have had difficulties in my career. It's like to look at the big picture, this is a small recovery.

"I made a mistake, but the goals will come true. I would love to score 30-yarder to compensate for it. But in fact, it does not score me, it's involvement with the winning team. "

Fortunately, the loss of Ritchie had not cost Newcastle as they hung on to win their third straight game and said they had to maintain this level.

He said: "I think we're going on now."

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