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Katie Price was unemployed killing with a parking car ON AVAILABLE during the wild night

Katie Price's money troubles are still getting tired – despite her refusing to become bankrupt at Loose Women last month.

Along with a fine for driving when it was disqualified and unsupported, which was released last month, Katie is still struggling to pay all her debts after she has been deducted to the court to get an IVA in place.

But he managed to find himself financial problems again last night when her Barbie pink Range Rover continued illegally and was shot with another ticket again.

Austin dropped the Range Rover that has parked illegally, with a new ticket

She joined her lover to fish away, who joined Kris Boyson with the star of Celebrity Big Brother, Austin Armacost, in Liverpool for the appearance of nightclubs – but as Katie is not able to drive herself thanks to another ban, she must be driven in her own bright pink 4×4.

The mother of four 40 years of age forgot to check where they would have left the car, and came back to him later to find a bright yellow ticket to hide under the windscreen wiper.

Austin was fond of her, took pictures of the illegal car park and the official ticket for her Instagram followers.

Katie and Kris were part of Austin and Sammy

"Check the signs next time!" he warned laughing at his famous taste.

The three friends had spent time at Aloft Liverpool's five star hotel, where they were part of the best friend of Sammy Kris.

They grew up with each other, with Kris a personal trainer holding a large glass of white wine in his hand, while Katie was not pictured with anything spicy after it was advertised.

Katie has been trying to keep herself out of further trouble

She was wearing a heavy red jumper with high-back footwear for her eyes, scraping her magical locks up into high football, and she fits with smoking eyes and pink lips.

Meanwhile, Kris was worn up in skin-drawn, black peppers and brown brown Fit Chelsea as he escaped the cameras when he came out of the place with each other.

Austin split a shot of them preparing with each other, stinging one incredible picture of Kris ironing his shirt: "Katie was good."

See Austin as Kris is preparing

Katie revealed that she and Kris had been discussing getting children with each other.

During his vision of This Morning earlier this week, Katie explained to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby that she had been thinking of adopting a baby in Nigeria.

"I have always said that I always want to adopt a child. I do not care if they have disabilities or age, just because I feel I can offer them a place," he told them.

Katie said she had the idea of ​​a woman in a nail bar and she'd fly out last weekend to do if she had not been busy with the children.

Katie and Austin before the appearance of their club

But cold water has to pour over its dreams, as she does not qualify to be an adoptive mother.

One of African African family law firms, Resolution Law Firm, told The Sun, said: "International adoption is very difficult in Nigeria, but only with people from Nigeria's disk they just allow.

"It is impossible if it has a criminal record or is currently being accused.

"It does not matter she has had a lot of grandchildren, but the criminal issues, then you will not be able to adopt."

Katie is facing the prosecution for drinking and driving, and she has denied in court.

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