Thursday , August 18 2022

Judge Oscars says he will not vote for a movie for periods because they are "icky";


& # 39; Period. End of Sentence is nominated for the Best Document Document

A member of the Academy has said they will not vote for a movie for periods because they are "icky".

The unknown man, who sat on the board that voted on the winners of the Oscars, wrote the comment on his vote in a reference to Period. End of Sentence The film is nominated for the Short Documentary Best at the annual awards ceremony, held at the Dolby LA Theater on Sunday (February 24).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the man wrote: "[I’m not going to vote for] Period. End of Sentence – It's very good, but it's about women having their time and I do not think anyone wants to vote for this movie because it's icky for men. "

The movie follows women living in a rural village near Delhi trying to change the table over the women. The women in the document can see their own sanitary towels of cotton that has been abused because the periods being treated in the community make it too embarrassing to do during the day.

Men included in the film also admit that they do not have the idea of ​​the word "period", suggesting that it refers to "an illness that mainly affects women."

Trailer for Period. End of Sentence features features, including Lily Rose Depp and Priyanka Chopra explaining how the Pad Project has helped the women in Delhi to start their own business making sanitary pads.

Meanwhile, the Oscars will go on this weekend without host for the first time in 30 years. Kevin Hart was supposed to present the ceremony but he soon disposed of after he was confirmed when the old homophobic tweets resurfaced and provoked arguments.

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