Wednesday , May 25 2022

Josh Reddick runs to Pete Alonso at the first center


You live, you're learning, right? That's what they say, and definitely what Josh Reddick has experienced on Monday in the Astros Spring Training game with the Mets.

After dropping a pound, Reddick turned down the first baseline, but Petet Alonso Mets's first leaflet dropped slightly into the path. What caused was a scary collision:

Look at that helmet, just fly off Reddick's head so she did not want to be there!

Alonso has listed 6 feet 3, 245 pounds, so it is clear that he can not advise the running of a full sea to him if it can be avoided. However, it led to a pair of demand-and-scary dweets of both later in the day.

The lessons learned, and are proud that they are right after the frightening collision in the first place.

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