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Is Your Personality Type Healthy?

Researchers believe that they have determined the basic features that characterize a healthy psychological person. The revelation comes after decades of scientific interest on types of personality and how people are different from each other.

In the new study, researchers from the University of California, Davis, used a contemporary perspective to determine that a healthy personality in 30 aspects of the "five-five" model of personality features could be described.

This model organizes personality into five important factors: neuroscience, interference, open to experience, consensus and conscientiousness. Scientists have also identified aspects of each of these factors that describe more types of behaviors.

The researchers found that both experts and personnel agree that a healthy personality includes low neurotility as well as high levels of exposure to feelings, warmth, positive emotions and agreed simplicity.

The findings of the study are discussed in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

"We believe that our results have practical implications for assessing and investigating health personality activity as well as deeper implications for hypothesis for psychological adaptation and action," said Dr. Wiebke Bleidorn, a psychology link teacher at UC Davis, the leading author of & # 39; r study.

"As well as providing a comprehensive description of a healthy psychological individual with basic characteristics, the profile generated and tested provides a practical assessment tool for investigating health personality activity."

Methodically, the purpose of the research was to tackle the healthy personality question by creating a specialized consensus model of the healthy person. Researchers did this by inspecting hundreds of professional personality psychologists together with hundreds of college students from Texas and Michigan.

They found a striking agreement among all these groups in terms of what a healthy personality means.

"People in general, regardless of whether they are specialists or not, seem to be a pretty clear idea of ​​what a healthy personality likes," said Bleidorn.

A large body of research also shows that the five major features identified as neuroticism, interference, openness to prove, agree and conscientiously are stable, challenging, and predict life outcomes such as health, self esteem, academic performance, marital quality, and work performance.

Using the big five as a framework and a specialized consensus approach, researchers began to create a typical profile of a healthy prototype individual. In a second phase, data from seven independent samples of over 3,000 participants were used to testify whether the healthy profile produced could be used to assess a healthy personality acting at an individual level.

To do this, they calculate a healthy personality index for each participant who indicated how similar their personal personality profile was the same as the profile produced by experts for the healthy personality.

As anticipated, individuals with healthy personality profiles tend to be adapted better as indicated by higher self-esteem, clarity of self-concept, and optimism. Individuals with healthy personality scores were also more likely to describe themselves as being able to resist impulsion, regulate their behavior, and focus their attention. They also describe themselves low in aggression and anti-social behavior.

However, societies with narcissism and psychopathy measures found more complicated.

In particular, people with healthy personality tend to score most in the maladaptive aspects of narcissism such as exploitation but relatively higher in the aspects that may be adaptable to pleasures and self sufficiency.

In similar veins, people with healthier personalities scored low on adaptive aspects of psychopathy measures such as disclosure or disqualification of bait, but relatively higher on the more adaptive aspects of these rates such as stress or bold immunity.

Researchers believe that these results generally provide initial evidence for the convergent and inconsistent validity of the healthy personality index.

Source: University of California – Davis

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