Monday , October 3 2022

"IDIOTS loses my POINT …" Uebert Angel Recognizes


The charismatic prophet Uebert Angel on social media has attracted a lot of mixed reactions. The prophet gave a picture of her own caring his wife with a headline saying

I'm MISS as IDIOTS I'm losing my POINT here on my Instagram … trust me I CAN NOT FIND!

Uebert Angel went on to include a warning message on her post saying

Many IDIOTS will lose all the point to me missing my wife and go straight to defend FOOLS … see him and you … when you see it ask you why DO YOU HAVE THE MAIN IMPORT AND why their eyes just SEE the word FOOL and not the main point of MISSING MY WIFE!

The job has provided a platform for some to extend their love and love towards the loving couple. The Twitter message Uebert Angel signed with messages praising his sense of humor as many find that the job was funny and curious

Nevertheless, not everyone in a spiritual atmosphere about the post as other social media users like jeangasho, on Instagram took the opportunity to express their views on the charismatic prophet. The exact words were

Of course, you are not Fool, you are a Devil child. Clever one as a serpent. Anyone who calls you is Papa not only Fool, but he deserves to join you in Hell where you belong. You burn and melted like snails. Your day is coming. Leader IDIOTS and FOOLS. Tad and FOOLS. Propheted of the damned.

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