Sunday , January 23 2022

Holland joins the leather after the strike of Virgil van Dijk


It has been an interesting wedding tournament in the UEFA Nations League. Non-top teams make it almost and the end. The Netherlands made good on fighting until the 90 minutes.

It has been all international actions since last week, with the League of Nations taking light from other boring friends that are happening in other parts of the world. In fact she has been an exciting watchler to see all of these European countries going out for a new ruling.

But do not get rid of … We will still vote for free country action until all the club's duty has taken its course. There's nothing like him, it's like.

Before last night …

Before the Netherlands stole their feet firmly in the final four, the three teams went to the final of their frontiers, England, Portugal, and Switzerland. And before the last whistle was blown, he was between the Champions of the World Cup of France and no World Cup, the Netherlands.

Virgil van Dijk and friends pulled a stunning victory over the French, helping them to extend their peers to the final stages of this important league. It was too enough to see Germany going down and giving a little insight into Holland and France.

Even if Germany had won the meeting between the two European power houses, they would still be falling, in fact (to inform). But a loss to the Netherlands meant an unexpected victory of France's opposition and saw entering the final stages of this new meat.

However, Virgil did not get it!

How it went down

When I said "Holland looked good at fighting until the 90 minutes" I really mean that. Germany led more than three-quarters of the game and gave the impression that he was in the wardrobe (having already taken out of the bag in the home) and then let him go, let him go, let him go.

Quincy promised a 90-minute Dijk strike to get the deal and take what they won … Everything! Ronald Koeman's captain ran for "Breaking out the mistakes" back in October and finishing a worthy volley of more than one sight.

A strike that broke the scorer back back to even, France's departure from the final slots and a shot in the last four. Robin van Persie would be proud!

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