Thursday , January 20 2022

Health officers: 2 Oklahoma dies of flu


Flu Shots, Credit: CNN

OKLAHOMA CITY – Two Oklahoma have died of flu and dozens have their hospitals.

On Thursday, the Oklahoma State Health Department published two people, who died 65 years of age as a result of flu, in north-east Oklahoma.

Of all, experts say that 56 Oklahoma have been flute hospitalized since the season started on September 1.

Flu hospitals

  • I was 4 years old: Five hospitals
  • Age 5 to 17: Two hospitals
  • Hospitals between 18 and 49: 13
  • Age 50-64: 10 hospitals
  • Age 65+: 26 hospitals

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say you should be vigilant with washing hands, avoid touching your eyes and eyes, getting enough sleep and eating & # 39 ; healthy to help boost your immune system.

If you become ill, look for severe muscle intensity and pain and their symptoms, tiredness and notable weakness, headaches and high fever.

If you are suffering from those symptoms, call a doctor as soon as possible. Experts also say that you should not go to the work or school if you have fever.

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