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GoPro Hero8 Black: details we would like to see


If history repeats itself, then it is likely that we can expect to see the GoPro Hero8 release date in September 2019. Despite its recent battles, GoPro is a great company and a hero's operating camera is the company's core product. It's a stepping down of the best operating camera on the market and it crosses a lot of consumer demographics, from lovely applicants to professional photographers and videographers.

Every year in recent years, GoPro has revealed a new addition to Heroes' range, so it's inevitable that we will see GoPro Hero8 relief sometime later this year. In September 2018, GoPro revealed the Hero Negro Hero7 Black, Hero7 and Hero7. This followed GoPro Hero's budget option at the beginning of the year, and Hero6 Black in September 2017.

There was no doubt that Hero5 and Hero6 along with the new truck of the Hero7 action cameras were successful in recovering the market with amazing new features and a great new design.

But that design is now three generations old, so is it right for GoPro to think about upgrading in both looks and features?

GoPro Hero8 details

GoPro has constantly breached land in terms of the decisions and frame rates offered by each new generation.

Other cameras could match those specifications and features, but a few can reflect speed and quality.

The GoPro Hero8 Black will need to beat the high bar set by Hero7 Black, Silver and White, and the operating camera will also need to offer something special to the company's devod followers.

New GoPro design

The original GoPro scheme held for four generations, ignoring, of course, the minor updates +. The Karma Grip is still a popular accessory and if there is any major change in shape and size, Karma would have to have a new caddy.

Therefore, I would imagine that the next two camera statements would see a very similar form factor even if the design changes.

If the factor, shape and size of the form remains the same, then any design changes will need to be innovative.

There are three main areas of improvement in terms of the design as I see: the cage, lens and touch screen.

GoPro Hero8 loses the need for a cage

The disappearance of the old bulky waterproofing houses was a genius, and although it reduced the water resistance depth from 30m to 10m, this was not a real problem for the majority of users.

However, Gaer GoPro7 needs to catch the cage to be completely disturbed. The Hero GoPro could steal this and use a mounting system along the Garmin Virb Ultra 30 and Veho Muvi 4k lines.

Adding a 1/4 inch standard thread at the bottom would also add a welcome to many users, enabling new phones to install new fonts of accessories.

Taking this route would also allow GoPro standard mountain connection to return back compatibility.

Removal of the cassette would also help to reduce some of the muddy tests with the audio and would reduce the set size generally a bit.

Better lens options

GoPro has worked hard to produce a quality lens that can capture clear, vibrant and vibrant film. It is also difficult, which is important for an action camera.

As an optical standard, the GoPro lens offers an area of ​​170º. This area of ​​the standard can be adjusted to SuperView and Narrow. There is also the new touch zoom option that allows you to zoom in and out of the frame.

Good all, but it would not be great if there were a few optical lens options for different scenarios. This does not think new, and there are companies that can switch GoPro cameras and other cameras in a variety of ways, look at the Best Back.

Different lens for different situations, linear lens for vlogging, a broad standard for extreme sports and general use and longer focus length for drone and other aerial work.

This would also open seamless possibilities for effects lenses, filters and engage with a new market of creative film makers without affecting the original customer base.

GoPro Hero8 to show an online screen

Most of the smartphones have been adopted, and where they are sure all others have to follow.

If the cage has gone, then that leaves more space for the screen. The Hero7 screen is large but there is plenty of real estate left. That additional area could be used for more features and touch gestures.

GoPro Hero8 Remote Touch Screen Remote

Will the GoPro7 Black Hero happen?

If you can remember back to the GoPro 4 Hero, the option was for a removable touch screen. Although the screen currently used seems to be primitive, then it was a significant development.

Moving on to the GoPro8 Hero, what if the company returned to that novel idea and developing a screen that could disconnect and change to the edge of a wrist-bar or bar.

This would be ideal for those situations where the last thing you want to do is reach your pocket and connect to the GoPro through the app.

The remote Remote remote is good, but what is the point if you can not see what you're shooting.

The use of a screen that can be seen could be a start, why not turn it or express it to make it easier for the self-vlogio generation.

According to the Fluorescent GoPro Hero8

GoPro Hero6

I foreseen inaccurate that the GoPro Hero7 Black would be available in a dual fluoro color scheme. The reason? So, when it disappears to the subcut, it would be easy to find it.

I will once again put this on on as one of the best new features for the GoPro Hero8 Black # makeup

A huge voice for GoPro Hero8 Black specifications

Many users had been underscored by the 6th Hero specifications when launched – 4K at 60fps and Full HD at 240fps, which was honestly striking and still leading the field.

However, it was more that many people expected GoPro to release a camera that could shoot 8K. But then with computers still struggling to process 4K content, is it really time to push 8K in the consumer market? I do not think so.

GoPro Hero8 reaches 480fps Full HD and 120fps at 4k

It appears that every other generation of the camera doubles the frame rate compared to the previous generation, with the "6" doubling Maximum frame rates for HD and 4K full.

Given the previous timeline, it is unlikely that we will see a lot in this update in terms of increasing rates and frame rates. Maybe something for the GoPro Hero 8.

The GoPro 6 Black introduced the GP1 processor; this was a big change to the company and saw the end of the use of the Ambarella processor.

As tested by the quality of the film and the increase in specifications, GP1 confirmed that it re-appreciated the Ambarella processor, so we would not be surprised if we saw a little further speed increase and a better low light performance.

The GP1 now has a proven track record, and we know that processing the data, but what else could it do?

Better low light, more hand control, more slow motion, smartphone-style apps?

Sony has done huge amounts to a vulnerable market with Alpha range, but one feature that makes me with these cameras is my impression and the ability to promote & # 39; r feature set with apps.

Enable GoPro Hero8 app

Again, drawing from the mobile world, apps have become essential. There are now apps for everything, and could include them on Lord GoPro8 enable more functionality and features.

An app app could see the Instagram style hit your GoPro broadcast, YouTube or Facebook Live could be integrated or ProTune hyped Pro Pro users that allow S-Log color and color mode.

These apps could be organized and managed in the GoPro app or Quick Stories, allowing the GoPro Hero8 to be fully integrated with your mobile phone.

How to live numbers with GoPro's Hero

Variability with the GoPro8 Hero

One of the biggest components of the quality of your GoPro material is when you start multi-angle, and there is only one way to do. Using multiple cameras.

However, once you have caught a variety of angles on two, three or more cameras, then you need to restart the clips with each other before editing it.

Adding a multi-step to the GoPro Hero8 Black would allow you and your friends to go out for a tour, camera cameras and then when you return the data, each would sync & # 39; r movie automatically to help accelerate and facilitate editing.

Even allowing automatic switching could mean switching between motion-based cameras and GPS data.

Speed ​​is key to editing and GoPro has already made huge magnets with the QuickStories app, this could be extended with multi-layer capabilities and those effects.

Three GoPro Hero new models

GoPro did so with the GoPro Hero3, GoPro Hero3 Silver and GoPro Hero3 Black, and only this year, the company once again merged with Hero7 Black, Hero7 Silver and Hero7 White. Could GoPro be ready to do yet?

Taking Sony Alpha 7 range and success as an example they have three clearly defined and similarly defined models, which could be used & # 39; This philosophy is easy for the GoPro7 Hero.

GoPro Hero8 Du

You know the format, the camera that covers us that we know and love it.

Voice operation, sound alerts, vibrations, GPS, touch screen, Full HD at 480fps, 4K at 120fps and 8K (why not) at 30fps, streaming live video, waterproofing to 10m without cage etc.

The Hero8 Black would need to push the limits and connect to other GoPro to create multicam camera situations.

More and more but better.

GoPro Social Hero8

After planning for the vlogger and the star social media, or even the family.

This model would include a touch screen to express, direct micro input and improved Karma integration.

GoPro Hero8 Broadcast

Sony has seen the potential and has good action from operating cameras, but with history being broadcast, the RX0 is the small camera that has designed to push the GoPro out of & # 39; the broadcasting industry.

The Hero8 Broadcast 8 would need to be something special, with a clean HDMI, the ability to record 4K high quality camera, full HD full 960fps and again, a Multi-cam feature pack.

The GoPro Heroes Broadcasting design would have to deal with the design issues that have opened the field for the RX0, mainly an extension of 1/4 inch and sound mounting options.

There would also be a need for a Pro app to control multiple cameras that are continuously integrated with the broadcasting systems being used.

Watch out for the latest GoPro8 Hero

There is enough speculation about what the GoPro8 Hero will offer, and we will keep you updated.

But as this feature suggests, GoPro is a company that has been a share of issues in recent years and will have to continue to innovate to survive in what is now a competitive market.


GoPro Hero8 Black: details we would like to see

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GoPro Hero8 Black: details we would like to see


GoPro has revealed a new addition to its leading operating camera range each year, so we'll probably see the GoPro Hero8 release date later this year.


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