Wednesday , June 29 2022

Gaia's data reveals galaxy & spirit; which can not be seen near Llaethog Road – Astronomy Now


Servers screened through data from Gaia spacecraft have previously discovered an incredible galaxy dwarf hiding near the Milky Way. In the impression of this artist, the Magellan Mawr cloud can be seen on the left side of the Llaethog Road Center, while the newly discovered dwarf is visible as a cloud that is not quite right. Image: V. Belokurov based on the images by Marcus and Gail Davies and Robert Gendler

Scientists who study data from the European Space Agency's Gaia space space have discovered an unknown unknown dwarf galaxy lying just outside the Llaethog Road, which is a very low swarm of two-part stars third Earth's galaxy sizes. The "spirit" galaxy known as Antlia 2, is one third of the size of the Milky Way, as large as the Magellan Mawr Clouds.

How did I know for the time being? Ant 2 is 10,000 times smaller than the Big Magellanic Cloud and is hidden behind the Disk Road. It can only be discovered by using precise Gaia data and creates a mystery to astronomers: it is too large for its color or too small due to its size.

"This is a spirit of galaxy," said Gabriel Torrealba, an online paper leader writing the discovery. "Objects as scattered as Ant 2 have not been seen from before. Only our thanks to Gaia's data quality was our discovery."

Gaia collected very detailed measures on millions of stars across the Llaethog Road. The researchers used that data to look for old RR Lyrae stars, typical catalysts of galaxies, which weigh, or change brightness, every 12 hours or more.

"RR Lyrae was found in every known satellite satellite, so when a group of them was found sitting above the Galactic disc, we were not completely surprised," said co-author Vasily Belokurov of the Institute for Cambridge Astronomy . "But when we looked closer to their location on the air we found something new, as there was no object already identified in any of the databases that we are looking for . "

The team confirmed the Ant 2 discovery after collecting spectra shows that the stars were moving with each other. But unlike a typical spirit, there is no frightening for Ant 2: the data shows that a galaxy dwarf always stays around 130,000 light years of the Milky Way.

"The simplest explanation of the reason why Ant 2 has as big as possible today is that it is abolished by the galactic tile of the Milky Way," said co-author Sergey Koposov from University of Carnegie Mellon. "However, it is not explained, however, is the large size of the object. Normally, as galaxies lose mass to tide the Milky Trail, they shrink, it does not grow."

Co-authored Matthew Walker, also from Carnegie Mellon, said: "Compared to the rest of the 60 Lilac Way satellite, so Ant 2 is a bit. We're thinking that & # 39 This galaxy is unique, and the Milky Way has surrounded by a large population of almost invisible souls like this one. "

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