Wednesday , January 27 2021

Football: Lionel Messi 's God, not revealing Pope Francis

For Barcelona fans, Lionel Messi is 'D10S', a combination of the Spanish word for 'God'; – 'dios & # 39'; – with the number 10 on his shirt.

But Pope Francis wants to discriminate.

After interviewing the Spanish television channel La Sexta on Sunday (local time), Pope praised the Argentine countryman Messi, but said he should not be called our God.

"In theory, our sacrilege," explained the Catholic Church leader. "You can't do it.

"People could call it God, just as they could say 'I'm your worship', but only God can be worshiped.

"[Saying] It's a god with the ball on the field; is a popular way of expressing yourself. It's great watching – but it is not God. "

Pope Francis is known to be a football fan and is also a member of Buenos Aires San Lorenzo club.

Two goals by Messi gave Barcelona a victory in the Catalan broadcast over Espanyol on Sunday, taking Liga's leaders another step closer to the title.


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