Thursday , May 26 2022

Football is live and good despite an Irish amateur club report of the death of Soccer


An amateur football team from Dublin has apologized after saying fake that one of the players has died.

Ballybrack FC had notified the Leinster League (LSL) side that Fernando Nuno La-Fuente had been killed in a motorcycle accident. His game against Arklow Town on Saturday was deferred, with a quiet minute before the other league's habitat.

The league gave a notice in The Herald newspaper in the Irish before the LSL chairman, David Moran, was suspicious of the story of the club and got up to date.

"We made a call and we could not get any answers from them," said Moran at RTÉ Sport. "We checked the hospitals, everywhere. Nobody could find anything about this young man. Some team friends [then] releasing things on social media, saying he is going back to Spain four weeks ago. "

After finding La-Fuente really alive and well in her native country, the league announced a statement claiming "the notification of the death of a Ballybrack player without foundation".

Moran also confirmed that the alliance would look at the matter "through their own internal disciplinary procedures." As rumors spread on social media that La-Fuente's spread was designed to get the game called, the club announced an apology on Facebook.

"It has come to the attention of the club, the older players and the management team that there has been a gross error of opinion, resulting from a correspondence sent by a member of the senior management team to & # 39; r LSL, "said statement.

"From this night, an emergency meeting was held and the person in question has been released from all the football duties within Ballybrack FC. The club has contacted Fernando To confirm his placement, his welfare and thankful for accepting our apology on this issue.

"This serious and unacceptable mistake was absolutely a character and was made by a person who has been experiencing serious personal difficulties, without knowing any other club members.

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"At the moment, we are just sincere apologies to the Leinster Premier, our opponents, FC Arklow Town and a host of clubs and soccer people who have contacted us or offering support messages in recent days.

Moran has said he will meet the club on Thursday to decide which penalty they will face. "One of the first things we have to do is identify what rules they broke," he added. "We've never had anything like this before.

"We do not honestly know why they did that. They all had to say was that they put a walk, they will be fined and that's the end.

"It's very extreme to have a game off. We acted boldly. We had a quiet silence of the weekend for that young boy. It's totally ridiculous."

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