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Female female golden monkeys share young nursing


At the same time, mom sucks two babies in the same social unit. Credit: Zuofu Xiang

An international team of researchers, including the University of West Australia and China Central University of Forestry and Technology have found that golden golden golden monkeys in China are happy to feed other births.

The research, published today Science Feedback, shows that almost 90 percent of golden babies are nursed by women other than their mother.

There is still a species that is still under threat in the south western western forests of China, the golden bee plumage in a small life in the World lives in complex social groups.

Co-author Dr Cyril Grueter, senior lecturer at UWA's School of Human Sciences, said that although people had been aware of wet nursing practice over many centuries, little was known about the practice of our primary relatives.

Other women (one day old) are touched and carried by other women in the same social unit. Credit: Ruoshuang Liu

"What was discovered was that milk sharing had limited to the first three months of the life of the infant monkey and was predominantly between relative women who shared the duties of nursing equally," said Dr Grueter.

"Babies who received extra doses of milk from women other than their mother had more chance of survival.

"We believe that this behavior could provide a cushion for mothers and young people against vagaries in their harsh environment."

At the same time, mom sucks two babies in the same social unit. Credit: Zuofu Xiang

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Zuofu Xiang et al. Normal allomatomic nursing in monkey in the Old World, Science Feedback (2019). DOI: 10.1126 / sciadv.aav0499

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Science Feedback

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Western University of Australia

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