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Fantastic Beasts: Does a cinema return harm?


FAntastic Lives: Grindelwald Offenses He has a great promise to achieve in many respects. Three months after the last Potter book, Death Salons, author JK Rowling announced to supporters that she "always thought of Dumbledore as gay", although his / her sexuality is not mentioned in any of the books.

Not only does Johnny Depp, but Gellert Grindelwald, have played in the movie, described by the Rowling man as a great love of Dumbledore's life. Was this the moment Rowling was about to do well on his comments? Unfortunately, no. The movie tells Jude Law's intense relationship with Grindelwald, but as often causing LGBT + characters in Hollywood, his sexuality is echoed.

Reboot has gone from space. The term, also known as "retrospective succession", describes when a creator reforms a well-established attitude of his / her work. Everything you think you know can change. And so, Rowling had repeatedly recalled the back of Dumbledore: he was gay all over, he was not mentioned in front of it. However, Retconning can also rewrite things you already have on the screen. It has happened to Star Wars, Mad Max and Halloween.

Sometimes it can breathe a new life into a franchise but, as in the case of Rowling, it can also argue that it makes more harm than good. Although the revelation was initially praised as a push for capacity, Rowling has now left fans in a situation where they have to re-interpret the work to find the sub-text they need, no but because she said that.

This is not the only controversial change made by Rowling to Wizarding World, as Grindelwald Crimes shows that Nagini, Lord Voldemort's serpent companion, in fact, was a woman, played by Claudia Kim. More specifically, she is a Cursed man, who means a human who can transform herself into an animal, but it is tasted to one day stays in animal condition. Many fans responded with curiosity, and even excitement, but allegations of sightlessness were quick to face.

Kim's contribution adds some much needed variety to the Wizarding World, but why did the Korean Korean actor throw it as Nagini, as the name has strong links with the Sanskrit Indian language? Add to that, the discomfortable character is uncomfortable of how Asian women are stereotyped, either as a support for men (in their later role as a Voldemort pet) or as a "dragon lady" type (in literally here).

There is a case here that Rowling's rush up to its Wizarding World range is not a series of ticket signs that do not add significant meaning to the original work, but in fact weaken its universe Himself, by suggesting it constantly exists flux condition. Should a creator really ask that their supporters are willing to change their understanding of work on a leakage of hat, just because they say that?

Fantastic Lives: Penrhyn Offenses Grindelwald – trailer

There is a long history in practice – Arthur Conan Doyle is famous for his Sherlock Holmes stories so that the detective can survive heavily dropped off the Reichenbach Falls – but the term itself is derived from & # 39; r comic DC All-Star Squadron When, in issue from February 1983, author Roy Thomas responded to a letter from a fan.

The comic was placed in another universe of the Earth-Two name, created by DC Comics to allow superheroes to come in real-time, while also offering the opportunity to repair continuation errors and reconfigure a number from origin stories. When asked, Thomas said they had begun to call their "continued retrospective" method, adding: "Is there a kind of circle, do not think?"

The term quickly gains popularity in the comics world, as the need to supply constant numbers of stories for one character, often over a number of decades, requires a significant recovery (and often). Due to this, redesign is an accepted part of the community comics. The same thing about a movie can not be said. Rowling's unconscious relationship with practice also happens to be shared by his companion as a cultural influence of gargantuan: George Lucas.

The history of Star Wars and its records is slightly more complicated. Some are a proven example of how retcons can become an accepted part of the cannon, with supporters compliant when eliminating any anomalies. In New Hope (1977), Obi-Wan Kenobi (Alec Guinness) tells Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) that his father, Anakin, had been betrayed and killed by Darth Vader.

However, as we all know, Darth Vader reveals himself as Luke's father The Empire fights back (1980). Originally, Darth Vader and Anakin came into two distinct characters, but Lucas decided to merge them for a narrative facility, telling fans that the Obi-Wan description is still right from a "specific point of view", as Anakin basically in the master's eyes Jedi.

Overall, the change was accepted, as the dramatic charge was so satisfactory. The same can be said about the fact that Luke and Leia (Carrie Fisher) kiss many times, before both were disclosed to be twins – Lucas intended his sister to be a separate character, before joining him with Leia. Jokes of a set, simply, have assumed that the couple had turned into a few inconvenient incest.

The trouble begins with the Special Edition statements from 1997, now incredible for its applications. In particular, the change to the meeting between Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and the Greedo bounty hunter (Larry Ward). In the original movie, Han's shoes is first, but editing the scene sees Greedo's first shot and losing, with Han's conflicts. It has been a huge major point for the ever since ever.

There is a clear difference here: its earlier changes were marked by a dramatic necessity, taken before the films had the opportunity to confirm cultural icons, while his thoughts in the Special Edition only undermine established belief.

Indeed, arguing that the dramatic need is the only case where redesign is actually working for audiences. Take, for example, the contradiction in the DC Extended Universe. In Batman v Superman (2016), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) says encouragingly: "A hundred years ago, I walked away from mankind." Yet, it's hard to accompany the hopeful image we see in Wonder Woman (2017), as she intends to stay and fight for "the world I can know", with heroes intending to continue Wonder Woman 1984.

As Gadot has explained, the character's background was not established in his first appearance, and during his solo film production: "we began to dig and understand the core of the character, I realized that there is no Wonder Woman in fact He will never give it best on humanity. "

Turn to Wonder Woman to be a box office that gave hope to an extended DC Extended Universe, but a fine fine line exists between a dramatic need and unexpected money loss. This is surprisingly obvious in the Transformers franchise, which has repeated the origins of the Autobots with wild remains, adding sudden appearances during major world events, including the construction of Giza and the Second World War Pyramids, which have been stimulated Only because of the desire to keep the franchise going as long as possible.

Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode in a Halloween scene & # 39; (Ryan Green / Universal Pictures through AP)

There is a similar approach that is often adopted by the genre slasher, as sequences will be re-organized with increasing causes of pity for surviving the killer. Jason Voorhees has made a number of miraculous gains for a Friday morning trade course, for example.

Retcons can also act as a kind of compromise, allowing films to continue to trade on a recognized name, essentially spreading the slate clean to achieve creative freedom. George Miller & s Mad Max: Fury Fury (2015) is still technically a sequel to Beyond Thunderdome (1985), but ignores much of the continuation of the original timeline, most obviously by replacing Mel Gibson's Max's role with Tom Hardy, making the character much younger than it should be.

Star Trek (2009) has created its own time line. This year Halloween, meanwhile, all sequences were ignored in the franchise, including the revelation Michael Myers is the brother of the composer Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), instead serving as a direct sequence to the original 1978.

By separating itself from what came from before, instead of writing over, the new Halloween It could offer new creative trails without destroying the old audience's attachment. Resolution, once again, was a dramatic need for the franchise to survive. And he worked: he made the $ 246m movie at the global box office, making it in the vicinity and franchise.

Our art is motivated by the stimulus for more: more money, more ideas, more opportunities to do things really. We strive to make peace with a past. It might be too much to expect JK Rowling, standing before the empire he built, just to leave Harry Potter behind. It may be against human nature.

Ultimately, Fantastic Beasts is too much cultural tune to be cut by a few backs, but these actions affect the relationship between the creature and the audience – bringing a new life For the world they have split or weakened their foundations.

Beasts Fantastic: The Crime of Grindelwald will be released in UK cinemas on November 16

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