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With regard to PC building, RGB lights are a very polarized subject. Some users love the customizable lights, while others hate it. As long as I am concerned, those who hate RGB are just wrong – they need to open their hearts and thoughts and have a bit of fun. Without mention, the lights can usually be turned off completely if you can not stand it completely.

If you like RGB lights as I do, be sure to be excited about the latest latest RAM RAM packages. It's called "DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB DDR4," each stick contains 12 incredible RGB RGBs. You can customize the lights using the "iCUe" software of CORSAIR. However, this memory does not cover presentations. In fact, this RAM is also very fast, with a speed of up to 4,800MHz! Packages can be obtained in quantities ranging from 16GB (2x 8GB) to 128GB (8x 16GB).

"Each module of DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB represents premium workmanship pencils, starting with a normal 10-sterile PCB that guarantees signal quality and stability. All memory chips are manually sorted and can screen & 39; tight to ensure tight response times and multi-frequency performance, with packages available from 3,000MHz to 4,800MHz incredible, with enough space for over-gocking. DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB remains cool even under extreme stress thanks to the coroner DHX patent Dual-path Patent technology, which crashes the module through an annotated aluminum heating heater and a copper that has been instantly instantly installed PCB, "says CORSAIR.

The company also says, "DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB diesel bar bar zinc-alloys are 12 LED-led ultra-bright CAPELLIX RGB, the first time that CORSAIR has used this method of new LED venture New. Just 0.2mm, CAPELLIX LEDAU improves on conventional LEDs in almost all measurable modes, can shine and last longer, with reduced power with higher energy efficiency. This leads to larger lights lively, stunning than any other RGB memory that is currently available, without affecting performance or thermals thanks to reducing the use of power greatly. "

RAM PLATINUM RGB DDR4 RAM CORATEIR RAM packages can be used in different configurations. Of course, prices vary based on what you choose. A package of 3,000MHz of 16GB RAM costs $ 159.99, while a RAM 4,800MHz 128GB RAM goes for $ 1,564.99 outdoor. If you are interested in buying a pack, you can get it here.

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