Tuesday , May 24 2022

Clean Master, Cheetah Keyboard, Battery Doctor, And Others Depressed in Largest Feedback Fraud


AAccording to a report by BuzzFeed News, there are eight Android applications, with more than 2 billion downloads in Play Store, which still misused users' consent to make money.

The report reports that Cheetah Mobile, a famous Chinese name, owns seven eight apps. Kika Tech who belonged to the eighth app, another Chinese company with a headquarters in Silicon Valley.

The 8 apps under consideration are:

  • Clean Master
  • Master of Security
  • Launcher CM 3D
  • Kika Keyboard
  • Doctor of Battery
  • Keyboard Cheetah
  • Locker CM
  • CM File Manager

It is found that these apps are part of a huge ad fraud scheme. They misuse the app's permission to monitor new app downloads and hijack commissioning the app.

to mobile phone fraud
Image: BuzzFeed

Due to this practice, the developers of the app that pay repayments for driving new app settings are deleted. The report suggests that the apps in question when users download a new app and use this information to claim the install bounty.

With regard to the users of these apps, they could find their phone's battery being drained at faster speeds and also the use of data that is also spilled.

"This is theft – no other way to say," said Kochava, an app analysis company who shared his findings with BuzzFeed. "These are real companies doing – on a scale – someone is not random at their basement," he said.

In a new statement, Cheetah Mobile has claimed that this could be due to fraudulent SDK behavior from different ad platforms. On the other hand, Kika Tech has denied any intentions to undertake ad fraud fraud practices.

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