Thursday , May 26 2022

Chadwick Boseman Honorable Stan Lee With Music Performance


"That's how I send you to the other side," said the Star Black Panther & # 39 ;.

Chadwick Boseman said farewell to Stan Lee in his own way, with a musical tribute.

In a video, he posted Thursday to social media, Black Panther Star Play a set of djembe drums for a minute to celebrate the Marvel icon. Lee died on Monday at the age of 95.

"I know how much you love Joan. The only way we should send it to you is to celebrate. @TheRealStanLee #whatalife #missyouonthedocks #missyoubackstage #wakandaforever," Boseman wrote in a tweet that was co- take the video.

Joan was late Lee's wife, who died July 2017. She was also 95.

Co-creation of Lee Panther in 1966 with Jack Kirby. The character was revolutionary as the first hero in Africa in the field of mainstream comics. This year Black Panther a movie is considered one of the best in all Marvel franchises.

After he finished his performance, Bosman said, "Stan, that's for you. That's how I send you to the other side. That's how they will get you on the other. I love you, man. "

During the days of his death, unsupported supporters put tributes on social media, and a number of actors who have played roles helped to create their respect.

In one of the last videos, Lee talked about how much he loved his fans. "I love my supporters," Lee starts. "I can not tell you how much I love my supporters. Sometimes, at night, I'll sit here, and what's it all? And then I got A letter from a fan or I read something or I see something or I can remember something. I realize, it is so lucky to have supporters, fans who really care about you Yes. That's the reason why I am so worried about the fans, because they make me feel so great. "

He continued, "And something, if you're thinking about, is great about someone who cares for you – because I'm worried about them – who you've never met with. They can live in part other of the world. But they're caring and you have something common. And then you'll be connected to each other. But & # 39 ; This business of fans I think is great, and I love it all. "

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