Monday , November 30 2020

CEO Mercury FX: XRP xRP xRPID Ripple Payments from UK-Canada-Middle East

Alastair Constance – CEO of Mercury FX, who is the partner of the Blockchain technology company, Ripple, stated that the company set out in-motion plans for power payments faster using XRP xRPID platform UK to Middle East and Canada.

Mercury FX provides a worldwide exchange of money that has co-connected with the team behind the third largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization to find the use of their transfer solutions cross border funding for cheaper and faster transfers.

"We have plans for the Middle East, but we have plans for Canada, but I think that the really exciting thing that comes from xRapid and Ripple brings access to new markets that maybe is now accessible now …
There are two countries today. It could be 10 before mid-year. And what prevents him from being more than that? "

Constance of the view that xRapid could be the closest to trying to adopt blockchane technology in the mainstream as consumers will see these benefits period of change Initially so that trx could take only seconds compared to the services used today:

"I think from a customer perspective that you do not almost want to show too much of the technology or explain too much why it works as it does. I do not understand how a car works, but if it is & It's a parking for me, that would be even better. And I think it's the same kind of thing. But what they see are payments that are get a lot of time and they pay much less, if any, for it. And I believe that's the key.
So, when you look at large volume payments for companies that are import / export or payments, or whatever the case, when you start to look at Economics how they settle in favor of a Ripple payment over xRapid, perhaps over Swift, the numbers are really pretty eye. "

Latest News Ripple:

Head of Compliance and Operations at the Euro Exim Bank, Graham Bright, told the audience at the Ripple Regional event in London that their biggest challenge was to make their customers get a fast, reliable, reliable service. It is also he explained why they choose xRapid.

So why did we choose xRapid?
We need clients to be able to pay us in their local money. They are very difficult to get dollars in some of the jurisdictions that we implement. Therefore, we need to make it easy to move money as easily … and cost effectively as possible.

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