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Carlsen-Caruana 12: Magnus is weighing everything

Magnus Carlsen came into the last classical game
2018 World Chess Championship is determined to force cuts against Fabiano
Caruana on Wednesday, and what he wanted, but at what cost? To draw it
motion on movement 31, in a better position with more time, chest world shock.
Anish Giri noted, "when his life is on the line, suddenly he's not a Magnus
anymore, "reminiscent of Garry Kasparov:" There is a huge need for inflammation
nervous and seems to be losing her. "Caissa will forgive her way

Whatever happens now, Magnus Carlsen will come to a prominent email.
The World Championship matches the world number. 1, and in fast chess and blitz on
On Wednesday he must be a prominent favorite against Fabiano Caruana.
Even so, even if everything goes to the scheme, the 12th Game in London
it can take time to live down. Peter Svidler takes us through a possible game
It's just explained about the situation and the game:

Magnus had played a quick draw with the famous white
backs against Sergey Karjakin in New York to take that game to tie, a
there was no reason to think that he would have a problem with a similar result
the black pieces in London. He was very much what he wanted.

The game started with the Sicilian Sveshnikov, but differently
For both previous games in the game, Magnus went for the 2nd most popular
move 8 … Ne7 instead of 8 … Nb8. By moving
11 there was a quiet pull on board, but Caruana went on 12.h4, just like Vladimir
Kramnik was against the Serbian Milos Roganovic
in the recent Batumi Olympiad.
Vlad won that game, but later told Anish Giri that his opponent opens
play had been good. This is where things go astray, like Magnus
he did not answer 12 … a6 but 12 … h5:

He sent Fabiano to think about 9 minutes, winning Alexander Grischuk's almost daily description during the game, "completely
Pretty dull without White. "The movement really had to play in high
enough computer games profile to get into normal databases … by Stockfish
against Houdini in Term 11 TCEC Enforcement

We never discovered if Magnus had answered it
13.Bg5 obvious with Stockfish 13 … Qb8!?, Since Fabiano eventually joined 13.Qa4, and after 13 … Bd7 14.Qb4 Bf5 it was pulled again with a 3-fold repetition for the

As Fabiano decided that he should accept pull, down on the clock after being surprised at the opening, Anish Giri, not in the opposite of casual
pulling herself, feels it could be a mistake:

"Bottle" here means "bravery" or "willingness to take risks"
in ordinary British English, and after 8 minutes, Caruana got enough
to go 15.Be3!?. This was the first
from a number of heavy decisions by the most dramatic challenge
came with 21.Rh2!?

When Svidler later said, "Fabi is not going to die
think [what might have been] today ", Grischuk summed up things perfectly
with "Yes, I pray for his spirit. His spirit is much better than preparation
today! "

From this fan, it was a huge trip to Fabiano, with the clock
not her friend:

Although he has managed to justify the rook lift by bringing her up
the war to c2, his knight ended without difficulty on f2 and, almost in any
In other circumstances, Svidler felt 25.f4?
It would have been a losing step against Magnus:

Grischuk chimed at this point, "It looks like
Fabiano had a Topalov syndrome in this game – just avoiding normal moves to avoid
pull. "He referred to the 2010 final of the 2010 World Championship
against Vishy Anand, when Veselin Topalov made suicide chess with him
white pieces instead of play patches. It would be the first one
nevertheless, though Magnus is playing fast 25 … a5 26.Qd2 e4 instead of going for
and b5-break or 25 … exf4!

Why did Magnus not go for more? As he then said:

The answer is very simple – it was just my eyes! Once
Again, my approach to imbalancing the situation was not at that point. I had
A very clear route with a5 and e4 that gave me a completely safe position that I was
It could play for winning. It seemed impractical to go for anything else.

Magnus was not worried about computer appraisals:

Our commentary team had risen on World Champion
a game during the game:

There was another chance to win the game in style
move 29:

Magnus played 29 … a4, but 29 … Ba4! was shown by Fabiano after the game. 30.b3?
loses to 30 … Bxb3!, while 30.Rcc1 would be hit by 29 … b5! As Svidler said
Out, this was not an extremely difficult computer line that nobody was
I could blame for a lost, but something you'll probably have if you
Consider 29 … Ba4 at all. As Magnus said to the press conference, "I'm probably like
it was not in the right way to go. "Before the press conference, too
He gave a brief interview:

Irony, in a way, was despite the fact that it was not going on
Magnus had an exceptionally promising situation as well as more than
20 minute advantage on the clock Vladimir Kramnik was given 50:50
One of them if Caruana would survive … when it was suddenly, it was all over!

Later, Fabiano Caruana himself described himself as "a little surprised
by the motion pull, "and even continue to think of it. Psychological
That was a show of strength, but as Grischuk said, this is the kind of motion
you may be tempted to accept if you pointed out a point in the game a
It still meant it was defeated but it would save a few rates of rates! In this case …

The shock around the world of chess was repeated, with a pre
World Champions excluded:

Norse and US supporters were just as stunning:

And other best players were surprised or disappointed:

After that, Carlsen's words did nothing to reduce what was
was seen almost as a chest against crime and all the champions had stood for:

I do not, but to be honest, I was trying to make it natural
move. Everyone could see that I did not necessarily go for the maximum. Fi
I just wanted a situation that was completely safe and where we could give some of it
weight, but I mean – if drawing was not a satisfactory result I was obvious
She would have contacted her differently.

Perhaps only how Anish Giri's leaflet could come in so much

It is highly recommended that you look at our own way
Respondents Giri, Svidler and Grischuk respond to the news of the draw, exactly
when they reflected that they would never have heard the words, "I propose to draw,"
Come from Magnus's mouth (and Grischuk was half way through anecdote about the German / Norwegian coastguard and "I sink / think" …). The video should be sweat to start at that time, while they go
On for an interesting 30+ minute discussion of the game
result, bug and game and general ramifications for chess. Does something need to change?

Just like a teaser, you would not want to lose Alexander
Grischuk alternative wash system!

So where do everyone leave us? Well, Magnus is where he is
He was eager to be before the game started, entering cribs after a historical sequence of all the classic games that end up the World Championships:

The format will be on Wednesday, starting at the normal time,
as follows – if there is a winner in any of these mini games it takes the title
without playing more games:

  • 4 fast games: 25 minutes for all movements for each player, plus a 10-minute move per movement
  • 2 blitz games: 5 minutes plus an increase of 3 seconds
  • 2 blitz games: 5 + 3
  • 2 blitz games: 5 + 3
  • 2 blitz games: 5 + 3
  • 2 blitz games: 5 + 3
  • 1 Armageddon game: Gwyn has 5 minutes to Black 4, but
    Drawing makes World Champion Champion

It could be a very long day, but what can we expect? Well, from & fore
the Hikaru Nakamura game had been astonishing at Fabiano Caruana's chance, but
it is clear that he has seen a good impression of what he has seen:

On the other hand, there was one of the reasons that Nakamura was not so big
The faith gained by Caruana was that he felt the ridges would almost certainly
win to Magnus. World Champion is the fastest and blitz world. 1 a
It is usually considered even better in those forms of chess than in classic chess – as an intuitive player, its play level is falling less than other players when it accelerates. It is also
specializes in cribs where titles are on the line:

And of course, unlike Fabiano, he's been there and did

Still, there is little doubt that Fabiano has done a lot of work
To perfect her speed chess skills in the round up to the game, and if you
combine that with plenty of luck with preparation, and some nerves from
Champion, anything could happen.

That's all to look forward to it on Wednesday, but first again
rest of another game's day we have more Banter Blitz, with Sopic
at noon
and then Svidler
at 13:30 CET
. Do not miss!

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