Monday , April 12 2021

Brazil 1 Cameroon 0: Richarlison fills Neymar shoes

Neymar was injured in Brazil against Cameroon, but Richarlison took his chance to impress him instead of the captain.

Richarlison continued a striking start on his Brazilian career with the only goal after re-placing the Neymar injury in a 1-0 victory over Cameroon in Milton Keynes.

Everton's man reached a bit eight minutes to friendly on Tuesday as Neymar went down with a clear problem, but the captain's absence felt briefly.

Andre Onana's best efforts were refused to keep Brazil off the scoring sheet half-time as Richarlison poured in a fine penalty, his third goal to the older side.

More opportunities came, but Samba's stars were able to travel to secure another functional win to close 2018.

Paris Saint-Germain will hope that Neymar's news will be severe on an evening when the Kylian Mbappe strike partner has also suffered an injury while playing for France.

Allan Onana worked early after a smart turn in the area, but Brazil was suddenly removed by the Neymar disorder and subsequently withdrawn.

Minds may still be somewhere else when Arthur introduced Peter Kunde with a clear and clear opening, but Tite's men were soon back on the assault and Onana denied Roberto Firmino from bellter.

Although Onana was at the best before the break to turn Firmino's head away, the goalkeeper was beaten soon as Richarlison crashed into the Willian corner.

The second half, Stephane Bahoken, appeared on his own head at one end, before the keeper between them, Fabrice Ondoa, presented Gabriel Gabriel incredibly with an open goal as he interrupted. To line, the Manchester City hit the post from a tight angle.

Arthur also worked with woodwork with a collar against the cross, while Ondoa had a sword for his earlier mistakes with a stunning double stall by Jesus and Richarlison to restrict Brazil, which was comfortable in the periods close, to only one node.

What does it mean? More deeds than fluent

This is Brazil's year story. They have played 15 games, won 13 and praised only three goals, but they were beaten out of the World Cup in the last eight. The Tite side once again looked firm in this conflict, but it was very little to thrive the neutral assembled.

Richarlison takes her opportunity

Richarlison's second beneficiary was Neymar's second and took her opportunity. A roasting heading had broken the game dead, and while Neymar was on the left hand side in front of Brazil three, Richarlison made a decent cause to be considered in a strikingly central role, after producing a well-rounded exhibition as well as his goal. Willian also shines with four opportunities created.

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Firmino has been struggling for the form of this season, giving him a once-off donation to Brazil since the World Cup. Given the poor performances of Jesus in Russia, this part of games should give Firmino the opportunity to make his mark. He was disappointed again despite having four attempts to achieve the goal, creating zero opportunities for fellow members before Brazil developed with Jesus on the field.

What's next?

With the international calendar now after March, focus will move to Neymar's fitness from a PSG perspective. Mbappe has also suffered an injury in the game against his country against Uruguay and Thomas Tuchel will be able to be a key step in the campaign with no two key guys.

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