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Botswana! African baskets democracy sink


It was difficult to remain so quiet when Africa's democracy game took a seat and comfort on an imminent time bomb.

The growing conflict between the most recent president, Lt General General Dr Seretse Khama Ian Khama and his former Vice President, now President, Dr Mokgweetsi Eric Masisi could be a time bomb tick for a Plaid award t Democratic Botswana (BDP). and Botswana as a sovereign state.

The visible lack of that natural symbiotic relationship between the two has a knock-on effect on the business of the BDP and the State! Khama remains an undisputed party elder who has partisan and non-party national duties! It is still a matter of great interest that both sides believe so strongly that they could do without each other!

They have incorporated jungle politics in the home of African Democracy. I agree with the blame as I am not aware of the basic details of the conflict.
The continued freeze and humiliation of former President Khama by his unexpected nomination for the Vice-President, Dr. Khama. Mokgweetsi Masisi! Or, the resentment and the continued rejection in an inverse disaster for the BDP and the State! And it was also the opposition politics that Khama would be expected to serve as a respected statesman! And, therefore, national prosperity. What's more, because of the fact that opposition politics has suffered a final political stroke, the disappearance of the BDP ruling has been postponed naturally! Masisi has shown all the colors of a political beginner in that regard! Masisi must send its advisers on forced leave as a matter of urgency. It has therefore devalued so elaborately the most devastating gross impact of shame and the loss of a high gravity politician, which transfers the baton democratically, as a party and government.

Former Head of State! Only by adding value compromise could a quality life be achieved! Tolerance! Goodwill! Good Hope! Goodwill! And Loyalty also. Shared roads with a politician continue to be too different in comparison to sharing roads with an institutional Chief Executive in the corporate world! Who, at most, would take his Personal Assistant and his Short Cases of personal belongings only. It was followed by a quick reset.

The ignition or shame of a Khama politician remains a huge risk! The Khama freeze remains as unique as firing the Oliphant Mfa obligation in the Ministry of Labor and Home Affairs by Khama a few years ago where even his constituency had suffered accountability leadership! It remains the same as the electrification or shame of an electorate stretching from village level (kgotla) to national level, depending on the seriousness of a politician of such. When a good politician weeps! We cry with electors so good!

Inevitably, they remove the tears and try to re-install it. When every department and civil servant, large or small, was made to wear the former President of the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Phandu Skelemani, fashion diplomacy on the roof and knew no protocol, the masses fell to destructive grief! Whenever President Masisi goes on to the wild-married mood that has been calculated to be wild, designed to contempt the former supreme bachelor, the common man is t on the street is grieving himself only to express himself at the time of the election. Khama ostracism on his own would be political suicide to dream of! Ngwana wa Seretse, (Son of Seretse) as he is called popular by his constituents, orders the most powerful civilian infantry battalion! The land soldiers are making the King! Real rebranding for the political atmosphere of Botswana who was knighted at the time as the National Army joined politics! The infantry battalion includes the bad majority!

Young people and the elderly in urban and rural areas. Poverty and administrative solutions Khama! Its unlimited accessibility and down to the people 's style made it the most influential leader on the ground to this day.

One sign of normality in Khama was that he also made mistakes. Otherwise, if it had got everything right, the country could be calling for a psychiatrist. It would be a great investment for anyone who presided over to Khama in order to inherit his party and his national constituency in full! There is a visible Masisi anger within and without the BDP. This was to be seen in Jacobs' court challenge to his legitimacy as an unelected president of BDP and anger and the rejection of Venson-Moitoi. And, of course, suicide for all opponents Khama.

As a retired Head of State, even the opposition would seek a maturity counsel. Khama was no longer a common politician as a former Head of State. It would be a gross mismatch to reduce it artificially to political dustbin material. BaTswana leaders haven't identified any such big conflict! They knew no war. And some leaders within the BDP seem hopeless to cause one without due cause. It remains so easy to nurture catastrophic conflict and yet our embarrassing act to stop it.
One was sure to worry about why and how the elders had fallen on great tranquility! Ntlo YaDikgosi (House of the Heads) as heads of religion, culture and governance of Africa! The late maverick Kgosi Seepapitso of The BaNgwaketse, who had once broken a record by calling former president Sir Ketumile Masire to order to attend a village mopato meeting (regiment) in the presidential motor, would not have allowed the development of # 39; r such. The Churches! The late Catholic Archbishop Boniface Setlhalekgosi was in poor health and certainly would not have allowed this. What happened to the local Catholic Bishops' Conference! The vacuum created by older people BDP Khama has purified! Worthless gray hair value given in every organization! The founders or owners of the party were forced to carry their hearts to immeasurable shame and political dust bins and cemeteries! The people who build the BDP without fear with a lot of favorites! Bakae bo (where they are) a former president, Dr. Festus Mogae! Patrick Balopi! David Magang! George Goroba, Daniel Kgwelagobe with bo (a) Dr. Ponatshego Kedikilwe to save the current situation and the party they had to nurture to the level they planted? Ntate (Elderly) Sir Seretse Khama le Ntate Sir Ketumile Masire must be turning in their graves. Botswana Democratic Party must take the challenge to throw this new trend of resistance to former Heads of State! The former President of Sir Ketumile Masire died of spiritual injuries caused by his soul by "The Tenderpreneur-Shameless Eater of resources resources!" Mpho Balopi! Son of former Botswana Democratic Party chairman, Patrick Balopi. And sitting Party General Secretary! Political cemetery material of the worst order! Who rose quickly to announce disciplinary action against the former appropriate president for his political honesty, which did not seem to favor political party politics of the day! And for itself (Balopi) does not make it public knowledge that the BDP leadership ruling must be eaten by the people.

The BDP wins no constructive case for continuing to drive political criminals of a Ballet type to critical leadership positions and getting to grips with those who have run the race up to the end. Balopi pricing would be as bad as preparing a former president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, as a presidential candidate with one spare suicide, one divorce, one violence! And as president, one cause of trigger has attempted to poison, multiple marriages and more illegal children, and multiple destructive scandals including the capture of hot potato state with the famous Gupta family. Or Vice President, David Mabuza, who sits in South Africa, with a long path of eliminating allegations of political and moving contestants! The criminal footprints of both men were still wet when they were pushed to more strategic positions of power.
Venson's Pelonomi dismissal from the government for its open statement of presidential aspirations! Yes! That could have looked or sounded like a presidential intolerance! But in fact, Venson showed his serious political deficit as a strong way of setting his most legitimate aspiration! When one served under a Chief Executive, one would be expected to become one of the most discerning tools available to the headteacher! With full responsibility to assist the head to keep and grow his work and his achievements! To get them electrified at the next election in the case of Masisi. Unlike a published competitor who would do so in order to promote his own interests to the extent that he strategically places the current appropriate organization, at the expense of the Chief Executive. sit. Serious conflict of interest! An intelligent player would have tried to resign from the ministerial office as the top priority.

Another is wondering what kind of value adds to President Mokgweetsi Masisi's love, romance or lust at first glance with the administration of Crocodile from President Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa, who recently paid him a state visit with multiple promises. !! The crocodile eats its own citizens! President Masisi's free canon mantra on Zimbabwe's international penalties has set the tongues and big ears of the world stunned. Administration with nearly 40 years of rigging and arbitration of its own people! Masisi has the high potential to attract negative international attention over his suspicious Zimbabwe attitude. The first of its kind in the history of Botswana. Masisi blessed Mnangagwa with medical supplies including the donor-funded Tsabana infant formula when it was in the same news bulletin that covered the state of Botswana on Botswana health services. The Botswana Bangladesh Referral Hospital in Brecknock was said to be very dangerous operating with broken down equipment and empty medical pharmacies and an acute shortage of health personnel.

Blaen-y-bryn. A long-standing scenario in the Botswana health sector. As Vice President, Masisi had two Health Ministers, Dorcus Makgato and Dikgang Philip Makgalemele expressing full ignorance of Botswana's health holocaust! Citizens who repented government health organizations had fallen to the status of the surest path to the cemetery regardless of the nature of the disorder! Both ignorance of the terrifying death statistics proved to be questioned by parliament and were still very fortunate to keep their jobs! Challenge of purely managerial nature. Botswana Women also face the challenge to respond to Dorcus Makgato, president of the Botswana Democratic Party winger, and sit on the Minister for Transport and Communications, for his anti-women leadership mantra at the Kang Provincial Congress where party & # 39 She had come with the President.

We continue to be as prominent as the type of growth that Botswana women can achieve with a Makgato-style woman restaurant crusher as President of the BDP Women's Alliance and Senior Cabinet Minister. Charity starts at home! The BDP Women's League would not have the ability to abolish democracy for people from the outside before it did so for its loyal functions! Makgato was of no ministerial calibration! She has to go into the seas and the seas to make joy with other key players in The Crocodile Kingdom! Masisi's insensitivity to that disgraceful anti-women mantra leaves him in doubt and makes him an active and contented motivation. It was quoted that Makgato advises female Democrats to the conclusion that a beloved woman would not be interested in her votes but that she never supported women's activities! Botswana government news agency, BOPA, The Botswana Daily News publishers. One was left to think of such a modern lol qualification!

This murder came between a woman and Makgato's wife on the eve of the annual international women's day on the 8th of March in favor of the male candidate who was sitting president, Mokgweetsi Masisi. Unlike the former Local Government Minister of Botswana, Margeret Nasha, who set about educating women from Botswana to learn to get to know each other especially at the time of the election to the extent of the appropriate restrictive party boundaries. And the same girls went to their male counterparts! With representation Botswana Human Rights Ditshwanelo or Basadi Rights Women 's Hymn, or without it, which, so far in this case, has fallen on deaf mode in a matter that is about their core business, there are still up to Botswana women to either embrace or resist or reject such a level of progress on the local women.

Women's Democratic Party Botswana Party would be greatly mistaken or inactive to lose this very convenient to housekeeping at the moment! The most righteous moment of re-calling Dorcus Makgato as Minister for Transport and Communications and as President of the Women's Alliance of BDP. Urgent reminder of Dorcus Makgato! Women's Alliances in all political and political uniforms could legitimately be expected to respond sensitively to Makgato's anti-women's mission. No to selective justice! # Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi Rights Are Rights Rights! Would this go ahead or go ahead for women pulling organizations down! Venson-Moitoi's Pelonomi wins the right to seek an urgent legal context of Makgato's anti-female path through a constitutional and competent court of law. He can go on to prosecute Makgato in his capacity and as president of the WBB Women's League whose core business was the development of women within and without The Party in question, President Masisi was a ready-to-deceit benefactor and chief custodian of the BDP Women's League. , Ngaka-Ngaka as Minister of Sex, Botswana, Human Rights Ditshwanelo, Emang Basadi and the SADC Sex Protocol Desk over the unjustified Makgato on women and the appropriate organizations in great silence! And went on to intervene the Congress of the Democratic Party of Botswana who formed for the 5th of April 2019 in Kang to make enough time to defend his mercy, and others, in accordance with the SADC Sex Protocol on which Botswana was a signatory, which has being excessive that both were qualified and attacked in an electoral manner.

Venson-Moitoi needs plenty of time to teach the target electors who deliberately misled, including Makgato and Masisi, to the effect that a woman's right is also a human right! Freedom Botswana Girls From Dorcus Makgato! Venson-Moitoi Pelonomi must live! Must grow! Must lead! Must connect! Full of freedom to a legitimate desire! # Dorcus Makgato! That nasty plot by a woman against a woman! This was a direct attack on the only known presidential woman, Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi, who is known to be close to Khama. One never stops thinking about the kind of impact that aspects of Makgato's offensive and empty modeling approach have on the aspirations of the ordinary child-daughter in the BDP, in Bobirwa or Chobe Botswana. and the world!

Minister of female minister attacking fellow women today! And yet go on the high street to move women's case forward the following day the 8th of March. Women in leadership wear windows lead to men! #Dorcus Makgato to hire! Makgato remains the true crocodile for women-eater in the urgent agenda for women's development! Makgato must give the best to sacrifice women's talent! Venson-Moitoi sacrificed in favor of Mokgweetsi Masisi on the grounds of sex! # Dorcus Makgato Botswana Women True Angel of the Dark! Give the best to trade in female sweat and blood! That remains the same as men trading! Makgato's early anger of female aspirations has great potential to carry Venson-Moitoi! Talent of girls! To that most accurate destination. The devil never panic on the growth of the inferior! But it is with pedigree material.

Makgato rejects female V-Power! Women have the right to open a competition! To either lead or be democratically rejected! Female artificial anger and refusal are typical of Zimbabwe's situation where the African Union of Zimbabwe African Women's League (ZANU PF) was used on the country's first woman, the Vice President, Dr Joyce Mujuru, to clear the same situation for Mnangagwa. with Robert Gabriel Mugabe as president. Oppah Muchinguri and then the First Lady, Grace Mugabe, was leading! Mujuru had to be crucified for expressing a legitimate desire to ascend to the presidency after the strong man Robert Gabriel Mugabe. While the leader of the Movement for Democratic Change, Zimbabwe, the late Morgan Tsvangirai, is served by women at the most convenient time to re-call for unregulated women with women of all ages regardless of their political affiliation. . The Movement for Democratic Change Women's League has campaigned against those women who have suffered.

In South Africa, the African Congress used the Women's League's party ruling on its then president, Winnie Madikizela Mandela for preserving legitimate presidential aspirations. And yet, there were the same crocodiles that fed on Winnie's political career on time with tears and sparkling wills on her side. Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, who had put the last nail on Winnie's political career, was on time competing against other competitors for the podium of crocodile praise. And, for the first time, women and security agents found her fit to reveal that Winnie had no hand in the murder by Stompie Seipei, a young political activist, who was captivating her life; to a career to death.

To oppose a vote of no confidence against that, Jacob Zuma, the cabinet female minister Nomvula Makonyane, made very definite headlines that he claimed would sacrifice her head defending Zuma! And yet another woman, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, was found unsuitable of the same as Dorcus Makgato has condemned Velon-Moitoi's Pelonomi excessively. It's still very sad that Makgato has chosen to draw a lot of inspiration from the same crocodiles! # Dorcus Makgato! Crocodile Botswana Woman! The African League of Women of the African Congress had the shameful demons of catching energy through the night in the appropriate courtyard to support the violent, Jacob Zuma, against a desperate fellow who they had humiliated to & # 39 The point of "Khwezi" "and having to flee to his homeland to the Netherlands is feared at home co-women.

In Tanzania, Chama Cha Mapinduzi's Women's League had been managed to stop people like Aisha Rose Migiro, Malecela and another to kill their legitimate aspirations for the presidency. In America, women were wearing purple hats to express their orderly opposition to Donald Trump's presidential candidacy, but they still voted for other men in anger and rejected good quality women in Hilary Rhodam Clinton. In England, women joined male hooligans to celebrate Iron Lady, Margeret Hilda Thatcher in a protest to the world's leading economic and rare leadership positions! Women carried placards that denied it as a dead bitch as the flags flew on half a mast to honor the undisputed heroine of the century recognized by anti-white-anti-Europe and the Americas! Western western extremists kind of Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

In Swaziland (Eswathini) female activists have remained silent on the suicides in the palace that are rising and escaping, the human trade in the annual palace escapes from the name of the reed dance where 39 King Mswati chooses her friends! And the 73 maids who died in a traffic accident were transported to a sex trading location in Swaziland. And while the girl-girl is going to leave school compulsory because of poverty – lack of sanitary towels! In his 44th birthday and 45 respectively, King Mswati took 111 fleets of Limousins ​​and private Jet respectively. And it's paralyzed international venues when he goes to international events like the World Economic Forum in Cape Town where he's taking his extended family including kids and taking all of his t hotel accommodation for itself. Yet there are a number of female organizations that have continued to withdraw donor funds! Salaries and allowances for the benefit of women. Trading sex has been confirmed in the African Union! Remarkably; these were the same women who, with the same cheeky female mouth, were singing and dancing on a placard tongue calling for women to take substances against patriarchy.

While South African Community Development and the African Union sound high sex protocols! And announced Decade for Women 2010-2020 on its calendar! The SADC Gaborone office benefits from multiple free copies of The Daily Botswana News News. The female talent of South African Community Development has been left to rot, as the appropriate women continue to age with un explored wisdom, and so they were actually going to the grave. These are the immeasurable dimensions of Khama-Masisi's conflict. When two elephants fight, the grass suffered! In this case, Dorcus Makgato has seen and given the best opportunity to sacrifice a woman and carried her female co-blood in her hands for patriarchological causes.

These two wise men must certainly allow humility to take priority and to participate in the constructive conversation! Constructive communication remains the most important element of presidential decor! The communication has been marked by more listening skills than unimproved flammable expressions and behaviors that make the person sit and the retired Head of State! Prophet of a prominent African religion growing and growing. Samuel Hadebe, from the Revelation Church of God has learned on The Manner of Approach as the most important element in bringing together those who are considered to be wrong or wrong! And those that are considered right or the most accurate! With inappropriate manners of approach, all of them would eventually be negative. A good approach was never made to a standard suitable for all because he was of God. Deep understanding! Integrity! And never made good principle to ordinary men and women! But for these wonderful qualities was God. In Motswana, we are not fighting! But we listen and talk!

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