Sunday , August 14 2022

Billy Joe Saunders explains how James DeGale can beat Chris Eubank Jr.


Billy Joe Saunders has supported James DeGale to beat Chris Eubank Jr. – if he can return the years.

DeGale and Eubank Jr know their careers are on the line when they are conflicting in London on Saturday.

Eubank Jr is the favorite girl to come out after he lost DeGale – then he won – the world title.

But Saunders is of the opinion that the 2008 Olympic gold medal can return to the best.

"I think it's a very interesting battle," he told Boxing News. "I've obviously beat Eubank and I've made several rounds with DeGale.

James DeGale and Chris Eubank Jr. objected to Saturday

"I think it's curious, anyone with a little boxing capability, like George Groves, is a good fighter and I think he's been past the best, even when Eubank beat.

"Hold Eubank away by the back hand of the stiff, as he comes, bam, hit and makes him think. How to make him think, is even more using your feet, and DeGale has improved footwork than Groves.

"The way I press on it is if he were [DeGale] Turns up how it has boxed [Caleb] Contrary to the first battle, it's got a beat. If he turns the way he boxed the second battle, I still think he will win because anyone with foot and job work can beat him.

"But goodbye to both of them. I hope that DeGale will win."

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James DeGale vs. Chris Eubank Jr.

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