Thursday , January 20 2022

Bill Gates praises three South African doctors as heroes


“Their motto in Caprisa is, ‘Every day you come to work, you should be looking for how today will be better than yesterday.’ That is a lesson we can all take to heart, ”said Gates.

Medical doctor Kopano Matlwa Mabaso is also on Gates’ hero list.

“In order to cope with the demands of medical school and the tragedy of what she saw around her, Dr Matlwa Mabaso began writing her first novel,” says Gates.

According to Gates, Mabaso is leading the Growing Big campaign, a “sophisticated effort” to eradicate shrinking children from SA over the next decade.

“Melinda and I have seen many shrinking kids in our travels. Sometimes we talk to a child who looks like one of our three year olds just to find out that the child is actually six or seven years old. It’s heartbreaking, and completely preventable, ”he said.


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