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Big Way Star at the end of a huge massive roam supernova – RT World News


A 8,000 lightweight Earth Star star is about to end a huge supernova explosion, which could produce the first gamma explosion of the Milky Game, a very dangerous and energetic event.

Australian scientists at the University of Sydney found the rare star of God disorder, who can say they can produce the gamma-renowned Milk Way, a deadly combination of dust and gas mixed with wind is as fast as 12 million km / p, which is one of the most extreme active events after the Big Bang.

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Drawing of the black hole is extremely fast in the 4U binary star system 1630-47 © NASA, CXC, M. Weiss

The researchers announced their findings in the latest edition of the Nature Astronomy magazine. God's disorder & # 39; is part of a two-star system named after the Egyptian Serpentine Apep.

Apep contains two hot, luminous orbit each other each hundred years. Scientists say that one of the stars has the perfect conditions to create a gamma ray torch that has the potential to break the Earth's ozone from the atmosphere, and greatly increase our exposure to UV light or sun.

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Fortunately, the star seems to have not aimed at the Earth, however researchers say they are "It can not be assured what the future has in the store"For Apep.

"The system could slow down so it's exploded as a normal supernova instead of rubbing gamma. However, in the meantime, the ring seat of the servers is a beautiful and dangerous physics that we have not seen in our galaxy, "Professor Peter Tuthill's research group leader.

The study was carried out using the Anglo-Australian Telescope, and the Very Large Telescope in Atacama Desert, Chile, with the help of researchers at the University of Edinburgh, Sheffield University and the University of New South Wales.

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