Wednesday , July 6 2022

Battlegrounds PlayerUnknown (PUBG) on Xbox One gets more graphical options soon, designed 60 FPS


BattleUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a battle battle game that focuses on plumbing weapons and using harsh tactics or others so that the last person is alive. The title has seen unprecedented popularity on Steam and other platforms such as the Xbox One in recent months.

PUBG is targeting 30 FPS on Xbox One, and even finds it hard to maintain that on Xbox One X. The game is obviously not optimized & # 39; ok for consoles, but that could be about to change in the future. Yesterday on Reddit, "PUBG_Lumos" Community Manager said, "The main aim is to achieve 60 fixed FPS, and we will continue to make the best of that goal. Currently we do not intend to # 39; unlocking the frame, we will need to put these graphical options first into action and aim to see if that would be possible in the future. "

Hopefully this will happen faster rather than later. The workers also mentioned that there were more graphical options coming to the game. There will be three options for "Visual Quality" and three options for "Resolution". For example, you will be able to employ a dynamic solution to improve the frame rate.

A few months ago, the developer announced a campaign called "Fix PUBG" which aims to make the game better for each player. Although many of the issues have been addressed, many are still waiting or have not been properly installed. Apart from better performance, what features do you want to see in PUBG? Let's know.

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