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Apple VP of Health Dr. Sumbul Desai talks about ECG and finding collapse, FDA relationship, more in new interview


Apple has clearly been serious for health in recent years, especially with devices such as the Apple Watch literally saving lives. CEO of Apple Tim Cook has been fairly public about the company that wants to change the world with health initiatives. Today, Apple VP of Health is sitting with Dr. Sumbul Desai MobiHealthNews to talk more about Apple's assault to health.

When asked about the new ECG feature found in Apple Watch Series 4, Desai says he's in a doctor's nature to worry how this will affect the medical community. Although customers love the new feature, doctors are still trying to find out how to handle the data that comes from the Apple Watch.

The feedback has been quite decent to date. I heard that some cardiologists say Yep, I started having ECGs sent to me in. And their biggest frustration is not so much about having the ECG, because they found it useful, but the health systems that still show the right way to handle that type of entry.

He says that customer feedback has been "extremely incredible" because those users now discover that they may have atrial fiber (and fiber) and are being treated on an issue that has never been known about them .

Desai was then asked about what Apple is doing for their own doctors with their Health Records initiative and how features such as the ECG in the Apple Watch and Health Records combine with each other.

As a doctor we will see patients in the ER … and many times the questions we ask are in what type of medication do you have? & # 39; … So now I have an area where I can look at that all is very useful. We're very early in that trip … but there is a lot of potential there and we're really excited about what we can do. And we are very excited that the medical community is excited about it.

With regards to ECG and the feature of finding a new fall on Apple Watch, many consumers claim to have aimed at a much older crowd. Typically within the age group 65 or 70 years old or beyond, stating that those types of users are not usually the ones that buy Apple Watch.

Naturally, Desai responds that Apple produces products for all demographics. But she quickly says that falling is one of the most common reasons people go to the emergency room.

With regard to the collapse of a fall, I know that it was the first place that people were taken, but if you look at the statistics, falls are one of the most common reasons for people to go to the emergency room on across all age groups. So you can imagine, and this has happened to me, rising on your stool step to try to get some flour or sugar, regardless of which age group you are in, and fall. And that's the case. And so we've built a collapse for everyone.

When Apple's relationship with the FDA was asked, Desai says Apple does not have any special treatment. In fact, he says that Apple was really difficult questions, but they had answers for them.

The full interview is an interesting reading, check it all in here.

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