Tuesday , January 25 2022

Apple App Store draws Tumblr after children pornography appears on site


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Given that the content is based on children's pornography, Tumblr would not have to comply with Apple App Store guidelines, but also with law enforcement agencies.

Apple Tumblr of the App Store removed for the maintenance of children's abuse videos, as reported by Download.com. This report sets out a statement by Tumblr regarding a ban, first seen on Friday. At the time, he had said it was problem solving & # 39; with an iOS version of its app.

According to the statement, it was reported that the Tumlbr executive says "All images have been uploaded to Tumblr scanned against an industry database of known sexual abuse material, and images never found reaching the stage. A routine examination found to be included on our platform that has not yet been included in the industry database. "

Given that the content was based on children's pornography, the Tumblr appeal was not only contrary to the Apple App Store guides, but also of the federal laws of the United States. In this case, a disposal was triggered by breaking the terms and conditions of the App Store.

One of the organizations that Tumblr says in its statement is the National Center for Loss and Exempt Children (NCMEC), which monitors content that is related to Sexual exploitation of children who are present across platforms.

He explained that, in the case of Tumblr, circulated as an electronic service provider, that content should be separated with a hashes, which will be subject to review, and the removal of the service possible.

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Tumblr has previously caught for maintaining pornographic content on its platform. Recently, in 2017, the South Korean government had asked the platform to remove some abusive clips, hoping that they would regulate the same thing. Earlier this year, Indonesia's government had blocked Tumblr for failing to comply with an application to remove pornographic content.

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