Sunday , November 29 2020

Apple AirPods 2 features that we want to see

It has been more than two years since Apple introduced its AirPods in 2016 – the automatic $ 159 ready-made wireless clips with iPhones, iPads and Macs, and working with Siri.

But the AirPods, and more than just an interesting-yet-hot proxy for wire headphones, announced by Apple alongside the first iPhone jack-less. They also introduced some new practical features, such as the ability to automatically break music when it is removed from your ear.

Nowadays, however, the competition is heating for Apple quickly as companies like Samsung continue to present motivational options. As such, Apple reports on two new AirPods couples: a minor update that could be launched later this year, and a model to be refurbished for 2020, according to Ming-Chi Kuo's multi-reliable analyst of International Securities TF. The launch version in 2019 is expected to include Bluetooth upgrade and wireless charging support.

Look at some of the other features that we would like to see on AirPe iterations in the future.

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