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Americans, Canadians are warned: Do not eat romaine lettuce


NEW YORK – Health officials said in the U.S. to Canada on Tuesday to give the best to eat romaine lettuce due to a new E. coli case.

The US Food and Drug Administration said she was working with officers in Canada on the case, which has reduced 32 people in 11 states and 18 people in the Canadian and Ontario Canadian provinces.

The stress specified is different from that that is related to romaine earlier this year, but it seems similar to last year's cases related to vegetables & # 39; r dail.

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said that the agency did not have enough information to request retrieval suppliers, but suggested supermarkets and restaurants should pull back romaine until the source of contamination can be identified.

Gladlieb told The Associated Press at a telephone interview on Tuesday, the contamination of lettuce is likely to be on the market.

He said that FDA wanted to give notice before people gathered for Thanksgiving meals, where the potential for revelation could increase.

"We felt some pressure to come to conclusions as soon as possible," he said.

Most romaine sold this time of year is grown in California, says Gottlieb. The romaine lettuce associated with E. coli cases earlier this year came from Yuma, Arizona. That case, who was sick about 200 people and killed five, was blamed on still watering water.

No deaths were reported in the current cases, but 13 people in the United States and six in Canada have been hospitalized. The last US disease reported on October 31, while the latest illness in Canada was early this month.

Tackling a source of lettuce can have a contamination difficult because it is often re-tackled by the referees, said Sarah Sorscher, deputy director of regulatory issues at the Science Center for the Benefit of the Public. That can mean that the whole industry comes into contact with cases, even if all the products have not been contaminated.

"One of the problems with a product is that it can be very difficult to track back," he said.

He said that the laundry of contamination lettuce will not cause harmful germs to be killed.

E. coli infections can cause symptoms including stomach cramps, diarrhea and severe vomiting. Most people recover within a week, but some illnesses may last longer and be more severe.

Health officials have also been reminding people to treat and cook their Harvesting birds appropriately in cases of common salmonella related to turkey. Last week, Hormel remembered some kits of Jennie-O ground turkey that the regulators could connect to illness.

But unlike romaine lettuce, regulators do not warn people to avoid turkey. Salmonella is not banned in raw meat and poultry, and the US Department of Agriculture said that raw raw meat, that cooking should kill any salmonella.


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