Wednesday , September 28 2022

Alibaba received another Greater One Day. The party may not last.


The company's methods for excitement have been explored before. Two years ago, Alibaba said that the Securities and Exchange United States Commission is investigating it for the way it reports on the sale of Singles Day. The company's metric, gross optional goods value is supposed to represent the amount of money that changes hands on its platforms. But there is no standard way to calculate.

The company has underestimated the number since then. But the episode showed the way Alibaba sees himself – as a breaking machine and a mold.

Since Alibaba restored its shares in New York four years ago, the company has used a clear sense of investors, stock analysts and eager news media. China was on the long way to middle class prosperity, the company said, and Alibaba had the biggest tollbooth. A bet on Alibaba was a bet on China itself.

Last year, when the company insisted on CB Insights for people to vote for the company that they would invest in and hold for 10 years, Alibaba was a winner, beat all the massive American technology as well as Saudi Aramco and Goldman Sachs.

Now, however, it is clear that Alibaba's privileged place is not rising China definitely.

In supplying, for example, Alibaba faces a number of rich competitors. He has made great bets that have struggled, including on the troubling Ofo troubled bicycle company.

Or consider Pinduoduo, an upstart e-commerce company that has gone up to 350 million customers in just three years. You may not have heard about the brands on the app, and you may not trust the quality of the products. However, the prices can not be beaten. Pinduoduo has won over shoppers in China's smaller cities and towns.

No-one is expecting Alibaba to generate sales singles Day sales singles every year for endurance. At some point, when the growth starts to cheat quickly, the event could change, to focus on selling one week instead of one day, or something else.

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