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Advantages and Disadvantages of the PS5 – Oxford Student


It’s that time of the decade yet again, the Olympics of the video game marketing world. Every six or seven years, Tech forums and Discord servers go dormant in anticipation of the next-generation consoles of their favorite brands. This year, though, in what is usually a three-pony race for dominance, nearly all of the hype is directed at Sony’s latest entry, the appropriately titled Playstation 5.

How big is the hype, exactly? Well, let’s say that if you haven’t bought one yet, then you’ve already lost the boat, as UK dealerships are already out of stock. In terms of pre-order, that has been a disaster in its own right. Instead many people who ordered the PS5 through Amazon have received cooking items and home decor, with many speculating that delivery drivers might be stealing PS5 units for themselves!

To reiterate, people have been ready to sell stores before Black Friday even starts, pre-order months in advance, and even venture their vocations just to get a hold of this thing. All this madness leads us to ask, “is it worth all the hype?”. That’s where we get involved; we will analyze the pros and cons of the PS5, via ‘RAE’ or ‘NAY’ ratings. Whether it’s really a console worth buying, pre-ordering … or maybe even stealing it (not that we admit it), you decide, dear reader.

  1. YAY: Unique Launch Titles

One of the biggest factors that helped the PS4 corner of the market over the last generation was their emphasis on first-party exemptions. Sony not only repeats that strategy overall, they’re expanding on it, offering their deepest list of launch titles to date!

There have been two titles that have been teased since earlier this year Spiderman: Miles Morales and the long-awaited Demon Souls (the latter possibly just a hardcore reason to get a PS5). If hardcore execution is not for you, Sackboy: Big Adventure (from LittleBigPlanet fame) is a fun and peculiar continuation for one of Playstation’s most beloved 3D platformers. Other major Sony hosts are also about to get their new releases, including Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, Forbidden West Horizons, and a sequel to the critically acclaimed Playstation franchise, God of war.

The quality and (especially) size are clearly the main reasons for the appeal of the lineup. The deal is getting even sweeter for Playstation Plus subscribers, who have instant access to a 20-game collection of PS4 games. While Microsoft is at the forefront of several studio acquisitions, Sony remains a selective giveaway with an undeniable selection of first-party titles.

  1. NAY: Xbox S Series.

This section deals mainly with the appeal of prices and mass. While the launch list above is nostalgic for hard core players, casual gamers may have less incentive to jump on the PS5’s Price tag £ 450. And while the Xbox Series X admits exactly the same price, Microsoft released an almost ideal compromise for recreational gamers in the form of a Series S console. For a price of just £ 249, consumers who need a machine to play some rounds of Halo or FIFA with the friends is a much better deal.

Granted, has its own alternative in the PS5 Digital Edition, which runs for £ 350, but that price becomes pretty meaningless in the long run. Under the Playstation Digital format, you cannot trade in or buy any second-hand games, making this issue (ironically) more expensive than the full version in terms of buying games.

While many diehards will stick to their console through thick and thin, if you’re a casual gamer who is just looking for a good deal, you should probably go for Microsoft’s Digital model rather than Sony’s.

  1. YAY: The DualSense Manager

Of all the great technology offerings that the PS5 provides, this one is a ringleader in the hype. After a long and successful run with the DualShock, the new DualSense is said to be the most innovative controller on the market today. Its wide gamut of features includes haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, motion controls and even a built-in mic and speaker for online immersive play! For first-person shooter fans, the controller has extra bonuses for you, as vibrations from the controller complement in-game gun shots (including sustained shock from weapons like machine guns).

The DualSense is sure to elevate the gameplay ambience of any title, and its brand new look and form factor elevate the aesthetic of the future you expect from a next-gen console.

  1. NAY: Power and Memory Space

There is no doubt that the PS5 is powerful (it should be, given its huge physical size), but they are not even the most powerful console on the market; that distinction goes to their Microsoft counterparts. The X Series has been considered “four times more powerful than the Xbox One”, with an eight-core Zen 2 processor running at 3.8GHz per core. While the PS5 also has a Zen 2 processor, it runs at 3.5GHz just below the core. Xbox also has a small upper hand in terms of GPU and RAM.

Nonetheless, the PS5 is still an impressive model, offering ray tracking, full resolution and even 60fps. So don’t worry, you’re getting a powerful system for the money, and hopefully one that will be supported by Sony for about seven years. The main concern, however, is the hard drive, as you only have about 600GB of storage (not as much as you might think when you realize the latest God of war running at around 50GB only). In the world of modern games, your store is running out faster than ever, so beware when you take advantage of those prolific launch titles.

  1. YAY and NAY: Backward compatibility

This is positive and negative, given the circumstances. One rumor that has been circulating the web since June is that you could play your older generation titles on the new PS5, even go back to the PS1 games! The joy around the gaming world over this concept could be heard, but in the end, we were given a half-done (or ‘quarter-done’) version of the plan; PS4 games are the only generation that can be played on the PS5.

Admittedly, this is a double-edged sword; it’s a great feature to have, especially for people who never owned a PS4, as they can still experience some excellent games from the previous gen (namely Uncharted 4 a May the Devil May Cry 5). On the other hand, this was a real missed opportunity for Sony to give classic gamers a dream package. Imagine being able to play every Playstation title ever, under one system.

Maybe in the next generation … though the compatibility with PS4 games is a good first step.

Image Credit: Playstation UK via Facebook

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