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A woman says eating five bushes a day will keep her children forever

The American personality of TV has defended its decision to eat five shots every day – in the hope that they will stop it from having cancer.

Marcela Iglesias, from Los Angeles, California, swallows the Chinese rods while they are still alive, sometimes followed by water or celery juice.

Coolers probably discharge choleotoxins & # 39; For the digestive system, some people think they have multiple health benefits.

Marcela Iglesias is eating five of the bugs a day (Photo: Caters News Agency)

Marcela thinks the bugs prevent cancer cancers growth and support the immune system, as well as tackle arthritis, chronic pain and digestive issues – although not Are there any medical studies that confirm the claims are final.

And I do not see them like a brilliant thing, even when they crawl over my tongue, & # 39; says the mother-of-three.

The bugs have many health benefits, not only for cancer cancer but arthritis, chronic pain, digestion issues and more – in Asia, it's very popular to eat bugs.

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There are many natural benefits to use, I do not feel they eat grossly, they do not like anything. & # 39;

She continued: In my eyes, I have a win-win situation, I'll take to see if my body feels different.

The worst situation is that they do nothing and this is all a lie, but at least I am suffering from protein because I do not use animal protein.

And currently I drink or eat about five a day, I do not think I have any kind of disease so I do not need to get more.

She claims they can help prevent cancer (Photo: Caters News Agency)
The low maintenance webs & # 39; live in his living room (Photo: Caters News Agency)

People with cancer and other diseases use more and more because they know they have to stop the disease coming back.

I started only two months ago, so something may happen during six months, but online people are very grateful to them.

Marcela, who runs the Talent Management The Plastics of Hollywood company, keeps her branches of Chinese servants in her living room and confirms that they are very low.

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Every day they clean their containers, replacing their pieces of bread, wheat and lettuce they use for water.

The bugs multiply rapidly, but she says that they should not be bought or sold, because they are to be interesting for free as a healing to others.

And a few friends say, "From my back, it's bad" but it's better than me to eat meat, "he said.

It is easier for the body to dig a beetle or a piece of meat, it can take hours to digest and force the body to use as much energy.

The beasts must be eaten live (Picture: Caters News Agency)

For a piece of meat, you do not see what happens behind closed doors.

It's likely that the animal is abused and a whole life, having to spray with hormones and suffering before its death causes It is created to release poor toxins that people eat.

Marcela's beliefs are about the potential health benefits of eating Chinese bees as a result of a final cancer fighting a close friend.

After being beaten once, he was given six months to live with further chemotherapy, but the mechanic – who wants to remain anonymous – has refused treatment.

Marcela says he has now impaired doctors' expectations by living for more than six years without western medicines, rather than using 40-50 of the daily bugs.

At present there is no final scientific evidence that addresses the middle of eating with the correction of cancer.

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Then, Marcela began to take the bugs, as well as drinking celery juice, taking apple cider vinegar, seed seed oil and more, in an attempt to remain young forever.

I'd rather eat meat or take drugs from a lab, & # 39; he says.

Previously, Marcela's mission to remain young has led her to have 100 injections in her five, in an attempt to give her up from sagging.

He chose to have a portable glue lift, which means spraying thread in the web pattern of the pair across the back.

The idea is that these threads keep the bumper as well as cellular renewal and collagen production.

But Marcela insists that he has never had any plastic surgery, instead only chooses unsuitable procedures.

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